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July 27, 2021 6:31 AM
Loveth Nwokeohuru

27 July 2021

Last night as I was praying the Lord showed me a hospital where some group of persons where isolated and treated, I got the understanding that they were Tuberculosis patients…

But i noticed that some patients who have recovered from the TB were not allowed to go, I was wondering why, because they can get reinfected again….I was saying this is wickedness.

Then, I saw that they brought in a container, and when I asked what was inside, I was told that it was Corona Virus medications.

“Ha…why should it be Corona Virus, these people are TB patients why are they treating them for Corona Virus”?

I then saw the doctors cleaning their tables in anticipation for the arrival of something.

Then I was told that these doctors lie about the Corona Virus infections, some people they claim that are suffering from Corona Virus are not but are suffering from TB (and probably other diseases too: my own thoughts)

But they lump them together and say it is Corona Virus so that the numbers of the infected persons would increase and this would make them get incentives from the westerners.

So, when i heard this, i was angry…”I was like why would you play with human lives and break the vow you took as a doctor just because of money”?

Then the vision passed away and when I was done praying I was wondering why was it Tuberculosis?

Because if you were not told that the people suffered from TB you wouldn’t believe it, they had almost thesame isolation pattern.

So, when I told my husband what I saw, he said Tuberculosis has almost thesame symptoms with Covid 19.

They both have cough and affect the Lungs too.

Wow! I wouldn’t have thought about it, because it didn’t come to my mind.

Please let’s always cover ourselves and families and the body of Christ with the blood of Jesus Christ…God should show us mercy and keep us away from the hospitals these days…

Because I don’t really know what their plans are in the future for us(Globaists)

It is obvious that we don’t have the Virus here..God has been protecting us… or should I say, it has not been a problem to us….even if there are some few persons who have it…it’s not a threat to us, but they want to force it upon us…so as to use it to achieve their goal.

May God thwart their plans in Jesus Christ mighty name. Amen.

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