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Know your power IN ME – Sarah Lynch

Know your power IN ME

8/23/19 12:00 PM
Sarah Lynch


Here it is as it was given to me through Holy Spirit on 8/23 at 12pm.

“As you come into Me, you dwell in My peace. I keep you safe here.

These times of turmoil and grief are coming upon your world quickly. Those not in Me will be lost and desperate. Some will seek Me, MY peace. Some will curse Me, they know not the power, Child. They will perish in their sins.

I do not want this for any of My children but they have free will, their choice. I will not force them.

You need to know I love you beyond your comprehension.

The enemy has been attacking you, MY people, MY beloved.

They know the hour yet they do not defend against those who have a form of godliness but deny it’s power. 2 Timothy 3

My great power given to My children is not utilized by most of them.

Their faith is too small.

Did I not say with faith you will move mountains? Matt 17:20

Uproot giant trees into the sea? Luke 17:6

Yet My people believe the lies of the enemy daily.

Oh children, the power you waste, you suffer needlessly.

You must take hold of this power. Sadness grips Me as I see some tormented. You can stop this attack of the enemy.

Stand up….Stand IN ME.

The hosts of Heaven stand at the ready.

You will see the game of money played out.

(I had a vision of truly evil looking “zombies” in an empty grocery store, people fighting over and ripping apart dollar bills)

They have been subliminally warning you for years, full demonic possession will occur.

Be ready.

Know your power IN ME, dear children.

Do not fear, your faith will save you, MY power shall move through you, MY true believers, MY bride, I come soon.

Most who say they believe will not be accounted worthy.

Very real, MY children.

Some that you love will not proceed with Me into paradise.

I will move My spirit over those I’ve chosen.

Not your choice, Mine.

Obedience, patience and time with Me.

I love you. Make haste.

Brothers and Sister, the LORD spoke a hard thing today. This was extremely hard for me to even type out from my written notebook. For the first time ever I asked HIM to repeat what I heard because it was so difficult and really hurt to hear.

Your Sister in Christ,

Sara L


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