Knight of Knights- LynL

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Knight of Knights

April 24, 2023 11:19 AM


My Kingdom is a place of order. Each and every person who works for me, doing prayers (prayer warriors), having dreams or visions, prophetic teachings or spiritual warfare are like the knights of old. They do what is necessary to further my Kingdom, they know what is needed to help others. They are there in the frontlines fending off the enemy with what they do best. They are the chosen, they are the elite. They are my children who have woken up and taken their places in my Kingdom. They do what is necessary without complaint. They do what they know will please me. I Am thankful for this group of children who have heard my call for assistance and have followed thru with the work that needs to be completed. They workday and night and finish the task. Some are confused and say, “Why me?” I say, “Why not you?”

Your Father in Heaven

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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