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Kings at the summit: the lie of climate change – Olasubomi Williams

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Kings at the summit: the lie of climate change

October 5, 2023 2:25 PM
Olasubomi Williams

Psalms 2:1-12, Daniel 8:23-26

The kings are already at the summit to plan your destruction. Seek me now before it is too late. They have planned a wicked thing against you my children. They aid in conceiving the beast system. They tend to destroy you slowly but surely. This is a wicked thing before I Yah. They use witchcraft and demonic influences to cause much chaos upon the world. They design wicked schemes against you with the help of my enemy Satan. Satan’s goal is to strip you of your authority and inheritance by allowing you take his mark. But before then, he must first create chaos and rain down evil upon the world. Children, listen. The next wave of vaccines will be forced upon all flesh. Do not be dismayed. For thou the enemy come to you as a flood, I will raise a standard against him. But those who willingly take their next wave of vaccines will have their inheritance cut off. They shall no longer be part of my everlasting kingdom. But those who were forced to take the mark of the beast will have my holy spirit ministering and consoling them. Do not be dismayed my children, for I have you in the palm of my hand, and no evil shall befall anyone of you. Even if you drink poison, you shall not be harmed. Even if you were forced to take his mark without your consent, you will be protected by me.
There are three waves of this vaccines. The first wave is what happened in 2020. The second wave will happen very soon and the third wave will happen during the time of the great deception. Many will fall away but many will also be restored to me, your maker.
The kings are meeting in their courtyard to discuss with the usurper about his next plan. They are trying to wipe out the bulk of you to destroy you all so that they can be the master of the earth. They do not know that their enemy has a far more sinister plan for them. They choose to serve a liar, a deceiver. They choose to come to the one who is the architect of their problems rather than serve me. They choose to bow down to a fallen entity rather than bow down to their true king, my son Yahusha. The anointed one who was placed as the true king of the earth. They resist me and my son and try to destroy all that I have created so that they can bring in their own twisted reality. I, the lord YAH, God of heaven laugh. So I will answer in response by destroying the work of their hands and putting them down to the pits of Sheol. I will place my son in the throne of the earth to rule it for eternity. I am the God of righteousness Yah YAHUAH Elohim and I have come to bring full judgement upon the world. This world as you know it will be destroyed. Don’t cling onto anything in this world, it will do you no good. Satan will use it to lure you as bait into his kingdom of iron. I do not say you mustn’t work and enjoy yourself, but that you mustn’t put full attention to the things of the world. Shed yourself of anything of this world. You will reap them much bountifully in the next life. I love you all. Be blessed my children. Your God and king, YAH.
N.T: Climate change is a lie from the devil to deceiving mankind. It is part of Satan’s great deception.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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