Kings at the Summit Part 5: Agenda 2030 and SDG – Olasubomi Williams

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Kings at the summit part 5: Agenda 2030 and SDG

November 9, 2023 2:57 PM
Olasubomi Williams

Hosea 4:6-19, Ezekiel 24

Children, why oh why, why do you choose to believe the words of man over my words. Why do you care about your governments who do not care about you more than I the lover of your soul. The world system is preparing you for the slaughter, yet you willingly follow them. Come to me, learn at my feet. Leave the pleasures of this fallen world and follow me.
Children, I want to speak to you concerning agenda 2030 and the great reset. It is a trap meant to destroy you and your souls. It is a system that promotes lawlessness and wickedness. A system meant to fight my people in order for them to cave in to their demands. Many of My people do not know me nor do they want to serve me in spirit and in truth. They have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof. This system has been in the works since the 1900’s. They want you to be their little workers working in a factory. They do not want you to think for yourselves. They want workers not thinkers. This is the mindset of the wicked ones, but it goes much deeper than that. They want to own you. Physically, spiritually and mentally. They want you to take the mark of the beast so they can fully control you as they wish. They will present it as something great, as something needed for the next evolution of humanity, but it is a trap. A wicked scheme by Satan to put you into pedition. To completely disconnect you from me. This is what they wish for, however, many of them will not be long for this world to see the fruits of their labour. For the fallen ones will quickly replace them.
When I sent whistleblower back from 2008-2020 to expose the schemes of these evil ones, many of you mocked and scoffed them. Many of you denied my warning yes even my church denied my warnings, because they believed that the I AM will not allow this to happen. It will happen my children, the evil ones have been planning this since the fall of Rome. First it started with the Knight templars, then the Freemasons, then they branched out, creating many fraternities all for one purpose. To see and witness the coming of the beast which is Barrack Hussain Obama. The Assyrian, the son of pedition. He will come into power once more and he will enforce the beast system on ground 0 which is mystery Babylon. But he is not coming alone, he will bring friends with him and behind him, the mastermind of his powers and tricks. The one who will teach him all he needs to know and give him his power is Satan himself.
My son, Agenda 2030, is the time of the beast system. Everything will lead up to that point but do not be deceived, no one knows the hour or time of the son of man. When you see the abominations of desolation set up, know that the end is already at work.
My son, the endtimes is already beginning, slowly things will take into effect, but it will get quicker over time. To the point where man will not be able to keep up with all of it. SDG are a mockery, it is a lie conducted by the kings of this world. They make you believe that you can change the world and make it a better place, rather they are prepping you for the time of the end.
Africa be wary. Not all technological advances that you receive will be there to help you. Many are demonic and are there to depopulate you. The kings of this world hates you with a burning passion. They hate every single thing about you and they wish to depopulate you. They see you as non functional to their plans so their plan is to get rid of you by making many of you sterile through technology, disease and manmade famine. But their plans will not come to pass. Africa, repent, repent oh continent of Africa so I can cover you from these wicked plans. No weapons that is formed against you shall prosper only if you turn from your ways and repent. Come out of these false idols you worship and serve me the one true living God.
Africa my eyes are on you. Why you ask. Because I wish for you to prosper, however you are rebellious against me. Many of you worship your killers. Many of you idolize your murderers. Your governments have sold you out yet you believe them. They lie to you yet you concede to their lies. They are pushing you towards the beast system yet you do not see. Why oh Africa, my people come out of this fallacy. Stop treating your fellow brothers and sisters like pieces of trash and see them for who they really are. People who have Life like you. Africa, I will punish you for your rebellious nature towards me. For the endless blood sacrifices you have shed. For your blood abominations before me. I will destroy your false altars. I will curse your land until you come back to me. I will strip you naked if you continue shedding the blood of the innocents to demons and Baal. I will destroy your orisha and your shrines Nigeria. I will render the powers of your evil gods useless and you will see them for who they truly are. Wicked spirits who reign over you to destroy you.
Many of the youths of Nigeria as well as other African countries are uncouth and wicked towards me and their fellow brethren. I will cut them down. Son, here is a warning to the youths. Tell them this: For any one who commits blood sacrifices to these false gods for money, wealth, power, fame and so on. You will answer for those blood you have shed. I will cut you off from the ground and into the dust you go. This saith the lord. I am God and you shall have no other God before me. I am he who is, was and is to come. The sun shall not shine without my permission and the moon shall not give its light without my command. What makes you think that by bowing down to these false idols you will become greater than me. What makes you think I cannot give you these things if I wanted to. But you choose to cut corners because you want to live a fast life. A life of wealth and luxury that you did not earn. I will destroy the works of your hands for shedding innocent blood and if you still decide to harden your heart afterwards, I will cut you off from your land and into the dirt you go. Wicked generation you lot are. Committing abominations towards me daily.
My son, Any organizations promoting agenda 2030, run from them, for they are promoting the beast system which is a system of strange pleasure. A system of lawlessness. They are placing a pit on many and unfortunately many are walking on it. My son many of my children are promoting this wicked system. They use the tool of Satan to promote this wicked agenda. These ones have no wisdom. They have no discernment. They follow the god of this world and do his bidding and claim they are of me. What hath light ought to do with darkness. None, so why are my children entrenched in this system. When I see this, I burst into tears. Because my people are following Satan’s agenda and claiming that they are doing this for me. Agenda 2030 is the agenda of the enemy. That what this is. But many of my own go to these forums and speak on this wicked agenda because they lack wisdom. My people perish for lack of knowledge. These ones mock and scoff my true prophets who tell them the truth and warn them about this system. It is the truth my son. Many of my own, who call themselves Christians are so deceived. Anything possible they will believe. My true ones trust in me, they are tested, tried and true. Thou they may not be perfect sometimes. But they believe in me and have faith in me. I do not wish for any to perish. My children if you know anyone promoting this system, tell them to come out of it. That they must run back to me, so I can cleanse them and purify them. That is all my son. YAH.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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