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Kings at the summit part 4: War in the north – Olasubomi Williams

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Kings at the summit part 4: War in the north

November 4, 2023 12:47 PM
Olasubomi Williams

Isaiah 9:10-17

Kings of the earth I ask you again: Why do you do all this? What is there to gain in slaughtering your brothers and sisters? What do you gain? What more do you want from me? You want power, riches and ascension to godhood. You elevate your heart to the heavens and speak boastfully against me? Why oh why do you cause my righteous ones to suffer in sorrows? Why do you let my children to weep? The world is already dark as it is, but you want to make it darker by removing my light, the light that has sustained you and your empire for years. You wish to own that which is already mine. You want to become gods all to yourselves. Fools, you are already deceived by Satan. He is constantly accusing you to me every second of the day. Laughing at you as you kill and wipe out my saints, my little lights in this world. As you bring about his luciferian order, Satan is with me accusing you to me every second of the day calling you fools for bringing about the end of many. He knows he cannot win, so he has royally deceived you and turned you into his puppets.

America, the king of the north is coming to your shores. While you are busy fighting amongst each other. Your enemies have built camps all around you. Cornering you at every step and blocking all your exits, hijacking all your allies and bleeding you dry. When they attack, they will perform in the German way. A highly advanced tactic that you use all too often. A blitzkrieg will be used to finally finish you. How ironic? Your own method of warfare will be used against you. Listen, people of America. Your end has been declared for you in an hour time. Your funeral song has been sung, and you are about to depart from the world forever, never to be remembered.
Kings, you lie to my people. You call my judgements climate change and you deceive the world. You are fully possessed by the spirit of lies and you deceive mankind believing the lie you have so well crafted. The early Rothschild and John Rockefeller who started this lie as well as Andrew Carnegie who funded this lie are burning in the torments of hell. Why do you wish to follow suite? Why are you creating your own destruction? You will wish you had never slaughtered my children as you burn in the lake of fire. Satan is causing you to destroy yourselves and you allow him. When I reached out my hand to you, you reject me so I will reject you when you beg for mercy.
The king of the north is coming, Vladimir Putin will be allowed to trample on his enemies before he becomes profane and meet his demise. Children, do not be deceived, Vladimir Putin is my destroyer. My destroyer of nations. And he will destroy many nations especially the nations allied with NATO. Warn your leaders to come out of the sinking ship called the United States and NATO. For anyone still holding to them will go down with them. That is all my son. Your king, Yahusha ha masheach.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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