Kings at the summit part 3: Abomination of desolations – Olasubomi Williams

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Kings at the summit part 3: Abomination of desolations

October 25, 2023 11:29 AM
Olasubomi Williams
Daniel 12:11
[11]And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.

The abominations of desolation is the great madness. Do not always believe all you see in your media, for they are in the business of lying to you. Do not also always listen to the sensationalized Christian pastor in your social medias, in you Instagram, Facebook, twitter and tik-tok. Most especially tik-tok because it is a platform used to propagate evil and madness onto the masses.

Children open your book to Daniel 12:11. Time for bible study. What does it say, And at that time daily sacrifice is taken away, and the abominations that maketh desolations is set up… Stop there. What is your daily sacrifice my children? My words, my voice, my instructions given to you by me your God. Your daily sacrifice is the bible and my words many of you take so lightly. My word is life, it brings truth to the lost, and light to the dark. When the abominations of desolation is set up, the kings of the world will do away and abolish my laws and they will try to erase every trace of it. The Bible many of you so depend upon now, will be abolished by the kings and princes of the earth. They will see to it that my light has been removed from the earth, and unless those days are shortened, no flesh shall be saved. My words are powerful in breaking down strongholds and casting down every high things. It is a powerful light that erases and repels the darkness.

The kings of the world have no love for me. They do the bidding of their father satan. In their bid for control, they will do everything and anything evil to reduce the population of the earth. They will push their one world government, their beast system, their luciferian order which has the power to bring many into pedition and death. They hate those who have my words even more. Even now, they tear down my people and spread lies and rumours about my children to the world, trying to discredit my true elects from the charlatans they employ and promote. These charlatans do not profess me as God and they do as they are told. They deceive my people and make them believe in falsehoods and lies. So when their empire crumbles, the people will have no one to turn to. They will start disproving and insulting my elects rather than ask me for mercy and forgiveness. They speak lies to my elects and mock them openly and secretly. Many of these charlatans are either gay, or paedophiles or even immoral and adulterous. Some even go as far as murder.

The kings of this world, they are a murderous lot. They love to play with human lives. They want to reinvent the events of the dark ages. They believe that they will come out on top. They believe that they will hold all of the world resources after they have wiped out a vast majority of you. They are in for a rude awakening. They will also play to the flute of Satan and they will find themselves where they’ll get their eternal inheritance which is in hell to be torment and destroyed forever and ever.
They refuse to come to me. They execute my prophets and Watchmen and slaughter them all the while mocking their death, playing it on repeat and laugh at my own children while they watch from their million dollars screen in their million dollars house. All of these I will crumble to pieces.

They and their works will be destroyed. I will wipe them away from my sight. I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but if they choose to follow the path of death, then so be it. When they will be judged, they will cry and beg for mercy, but I will not hear them. I will cast my sight away from them and they will pay for the death of my children. Do not envy them my children, do not wish to be like them. Their path is towards their own destruction, leave them be. Follow life, follow wisdom, follow the truth. You are the salt of the earth, if the salt has no taste, it will be thrown into the ground as dirt. You are the light of the world. Hence, let your light so shine before men that they may see your works and glorify your father in heaven. Listen to my words of life, read them, digest them, keep them in your heart of hearts and in all things love me, fellowship with me, commune and dine with me. come let us reason together. For if your sins be as red as scarlet, I will wash them as white as snow. Listen my children, when the abominations of desolation, the great madness begins, many of your world leaders will do everything in their power to destroy your bibles. Many will hide their bibles but it will be of no use for most at least. Seek me and let me tell you what to do during that time. Also, the minds of men at that time will either be fractured, possessed or outrightly taken. There will be an increase in demonic activities, the likes the world has never seen before. Prepare yourself for that time. Your kings will also go mad with power at that time. They will believe themselves to be gods ruling over the minds of men, orchestrating calamities in order to bring about their new world order, their brave new world.

Children here is wisdom. Do with this message what you wish. Pray that you may be found worthy to escape these things. I am not speaking about the rapture, I am speaking about my light being poured onto you like heavens dew to escape the great madness. Many I will direct to run to the hills and mountains, many to the valleys. At that time, sound doctrine will be all but outlawed. I love my children, repent if you have sinned,

Yahusha ha masheach

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