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Kings At The Summit Part 2: You Will Own Nothing – Olasubomi Williams

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Kings at the summit part 2: you will own nothing

Oct 22, 2023, 2:52 PM
Olasubomi Williams
1 kings 12:2-31, Revelation 13:16

Children, here is a parable. There was a king who had everything he could ever want. Money, power, fame, lands, the best of chariots and all he could ever dream of, he had. However he was not satisfied. Then he saw a poor farmer who had a few flock of sheeps. He cared and loved his flock and he guarded it with all his heart. He showed love to the little that he had and he was content. The king seeing how content he was, how satisfied the little farmer was with his little sheeps, decided that he will take his flock from him and strip him of the little he had left. The king ordered his subjects that no one is allowed to have sheeps as to be sold, sacrificed or eaten. He then ordered that the man with his little flock be put to death. He took everything from the Shepard and left him with nothing, still the man was content with his lot until he was executed. The king then put to death more of the little Shepard all around the city until I YAH your Elohim saw the blood of these little Shepherds and I avenged them.

Children, your king, your governments are planning more and more schemes on you to take the little you have on you, until you have nothing left. They tell you, you will own nothing and you will be happy. Children, I want you to ponder on those words because there is more to these than materialistic gain. They want to own your mind, body and soul. They want to strip you down until you are a shell of your former self. They wish for you to become their little slaves that they can use and discard anyhow they like. They want to turn you to their little toy. This is why they will institutionalize their little vaccines which is their mark on you, to control you to follow their dogmas and agendas. They want to strip you barren of your free will, until you are mind controlled puppets.

Children, here is a warning. When they come with their little vaccines, do not line up to take them, do not wish to take them. Even if everything around you seems bleak and hopeless, and people are dying left and right, I will make a way. Trust me, have faith in me. Do not forsake your salvation in me. I am your saviour. If you are forced to take their mark, you will have my holy spirit to nullify it. My power is far greater than their mark.

Children, the next vaccines will have RFID nanobots chips inside them, and they will force it amongst all men. Every person in every nation will be forced to take their mark. Those who have taken their previous concuction will be drawn in like moths to the flames unless they have my spirit in them. If you have noticed, many of my own who have taken their previous concuction who did not repent, do not pray to me that often anymore. This is because the enemy is trying to distract and destroy them from within. There are those who I have used to warn these ones to repent, but they do not listen. They give silly excuses as to why they believe the vaccines will save them. They trust in the thing that will bring them death rather than that which will give them life. I weep constantly for these ones, my heart aches for these ones. I do not wish for them to perish, but if they decide to go their own way and not repent, then so be it.

I am coming soon. Prepare your garments for the marriage supper of the lamb. Your kings will do anything and everything to try to stop me, but they will fail. I am the God of the impossible. No being or creation can ever defeat or outsmart me. I see all, I know all and I understand all.

Children hear these words. Those who willingly take the mark of the beast, who willingly take their next vaccine which is one of their marks, who engages in transhumanism, who communes with fallen beings, who sleep.and lay with fallen entities, humanoids creatures, who engages in cross gene experimentation, who supports profanity and pedition, who goes into pedition, who worships the beast, who give reference to the beast, who becomes a son of pedition by trying to change your human genetic makeup, will take part in the lake of fire. My words are firm and stern. Do not have anything to do with the beast. My Kingdom is more glorious than that of the beast. In my Kingdom, there is freedom, there is joy, whatever you want you can have it freely. My salvation, my truth I give freely, not as the world giveth. For the world giveth and taketh away. Commune with me, fellowship with me, your king Yahusha ha masheach, Jesus Christ.

N.T: there will be rise in kidnapping and persecution at this time. Many will have their loved ones missing. This will go on from now till next year. It will be happening all across the world.The time for spiritual warfare is here. Pray for judgement upon the wicked and pray like you life’s depend on it. That is all my son.


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