Kick Off Final Warning – Walt

Kick Off Final Warning

April 27, 2021 9:02 PM

Message Received Thursday April 27th 2021 .

Lately the amount of people that The Spirit has been leading me too has increased. It was for awhile That I was being led to a certain people to tell them what The LORD wanted. Usually he will tell me to tell them “Tell them I God love them, but I need to talk to them, tell them to repent” . Sometimes he will say to me “ Ask them if they believe in God?” That is what he wants me to ask them and than it’s to start a conversation about Jesus, to get there mind in heart on him so he can work . Lately it’s been “Tell that person to repent” so I will go to them and start a conversation and than tell them what God has said. As the days have gone on it’s been way more people at once and in my Spirit when he sends me to these people or group , I sense time is oh so short an urgency is upon them and everyone.

So today while working I could sense and feel The Holy Spirit all over me , in my breath, in my body , my mind , in my mouth, almost like I had eaten The Holy Spirit, I could even feel him in my stomach. . That is the best way I can describe it. So here is the message

My son write these words down, soon, My SON will come, are you ready?, is your house spiritually in order?. Do you repent every second of the day? is your heart ,mind, soul and conscience clean? . Look at your Wedding Gown is it without spot or blemish? . You have but a short time left too be ready. I will soon send My ONE TRUE SON, who died for all mans sins, the only name that can save you, JESUS THE CHRIST , MY ONLY SON.

Do not waste time, for it is close At hand, many still play church and do not realize that they are doomed . Are your lamps full of oil ? Do you sense my spirit? , when you breath in do you feel him , my Holy Spirit , there. If the answer is yes, than ready yourselves , soon my anointed one will come on a cloud of glory. If you do not feel , sense or talk to my Spirit on a Consistent basis than you are not ready!!!! , You still need refinement!!!! My SPIRIT talks constantly to My BRIDE , to MY ELECT , HE , will tell them when they are in the wrong, will tell them where to go ,who to talk to, what to say , MY SPIRIT , even will tell those who hear my voice what they can and cannot eat and drink.

Wake up , I grow impatient and weary , I am long suffering as my word says , but my wrath has been kindled upon the world. Soon MY ELECT will be known, MY BRIDE will be with MY SON. Those who have not heard my voice will get left behind and go thru Satan’s Wrath. Please learn quickly what , and how my voice sounds like and how to hear it. The only way is thru MY WORD, PRAYER thru any situation and any position. MY SON, came to break the pharisees , so reread Matthew Chapter 10 and 27 .

I love all my children but my time will not be wasted any longer , Satan has everything in Place and soon New York City will burn , The Kick off Event that My Servant JEFF BYERLY has talked about will be at your door step, all hell will break loose. Are you ready? I hope so that you are. Only a handful are truly ready to do my will , please get ready, my judgements are NI at your feet , only inches away . Please listen to my voice it is your only hope of survival for those who will have to stay .

I love all , but all cannot ,as of now enter my kingdom, at the next moon cycle all will know truly that I am your ONE TRUE GOD , The Father The SON and Holy Ghost .1 John 5:7 “There are three that bare record in heaven The Father The Word and The Holy Ghost for these three are as one”. My son, time is short keep telling people to repent, repent , repent and lead them to my SON. Please look into Romans 10:13, and tell all who you run into this Bible Verse, it is there last hope. This is the Final WARNING , that I , THE FATHER, will give to my children of this world. End of message . Much Love and Peace from THE FATHER. .

Walt The Messenger GOD Has Sent..


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