December 20 2021 5:38 AM
Sammy Omosh

On 22nd Sept2021 I woke up from a dream in which i was uttering the following statement to a person-“Soon the prince{U.M.K}will be missing in action and{W.S.R} will take over the reins of the horse[This message is coded]

On 5th Nov2021 I was made aware that there will be sporadic and spontaneous happenings[vio lence] i saw blood dripping on the ground and i told a man to read Ezekiel34.Definately we are under judgment and the time of REPENTANCE has elapsed as we cross over to 2022!!!

On 28th/29th Nov2021 The entire night i was shown what is coming to this nation.i found myself in the city centre and a lorry[truck] of uniformed officers pulled over.They manned the streets/pa rks and everybody was searched.I passed along some officers and heard one say “He has not been seen for 3 days.”In another scene a few guys had banded together and discussing the Breaking news.A sombre mood had engulfed the entire nation.The media houses will stream this sudden breaking news continously and daily programmes will be halted for a certain duration of time.i could hear by voice while asleep “State of emergency alert” and “Go home”. And in the final scene i was taken around estates [residential houses] in Nairobi and everybody was inside a locked house and i didn,t see a single car on the road! A martial law will be imposed.I don,t think it will be a curfew!

On 18th Dec20221 I woke up from a dream-vision at 1:27am in which there were two separate tents representing two leading presidential contenders,hence two factions.i stood with some people on the tent allied to the government and then a certain crowd allied to the other faction started throwing stones towards our direction.I took a small bag to cover my head from the flying missiles!In the last scene i entered a room and then Raila Odinga[Baba] the former Prime Minister,walked in together with another person to discuss what looks like a political impasse/stalmate of some sort.His countenance was depicting sadness,anger and annoyance.Have also seen in a previous vision W.S.R inside a very dark house indeed and he was carrying a lamp![Darkness is indeed coming to this nation.]

IMPORTANT NOTE:As you retreat for the holiday season know this, as the clock strikes midnight 1st Jan 2022 we will be racing in a fastlane towards the fulfillment of prophecies given earlier within the first half of the year 2022[An extremely difficult moment in our nation,s history]Recently i saw myself gathering and storing cereals coz of events ahead of us,as of January onwards[prepare and don,t be distracted by the sounds of jingle bells!!!]
The following prophetic revelations will be fulfilled quickly in the new year,don,t look for the exact time:

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Kenya:Nationwide lockdown 20/8/21
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Kenya:State of Emergency Alert[“Go Home dream]
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Change of guard 17/9/21
Read Ezekiel 12:26-28


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