Keeping Our Mouth Shut Now – Linda Hasche

Keeping Our Mouth Shut Now

June 26, 2021
Linda Hasche
(7 minutes 23 seconds)

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Greetings, brothers and sisters in Christ!

That photo in the thumbnail, “One of the hardest things in the world is keeping our mouth shut when there’s something that needs to be said” … and I’m going through that most of the time now. There was a time when I would share some of the things that the Lord would show me with a few people locally. –Not very many, and much of the time it was not very well received, but I was prompted to share it. Now: no.

It’s time to be quiet. I share on here, but locally? No. No.

I’m reading in Proverbs 17 verse 27 in the Amplified:

Proverbs 17:27 “He who has knowledge spares his words, and a man of understanding has a cool spirit.”

It’s time to keep our mouth shut, unless the Holy Spirit prompts us otherwise.

Many people, especially that have taken these [Linda gestures an injection/shot in the shoulder] death jabs, don’t want to hear it. We have so much delusion, and the spirit of delusion rising, if you now say things, people are … are not only going to want to hear it, it may harden their hearts further to the truth. [NOTE: Surely in this sentence Linda meant to say: … people are … are not only NOT going to want to hear it ….]

I received an email from someone who wanted me to send a video or information on fallen angels coming back, so they could prove to their relative that’s going to happen. –It won’t work!

Right now, also, the religious spirit is so strong, people have to want the truth him or herself.

So what we CAN DO is pray; Father, please, I lift up this person to You, Lord. I ask for mercy upon them. Please show them the truth, that they can be set free. In Jesus’ Name, amen. And that is about it.

–Again, unless the Holy Spirit leads you otherwise. Or, maybe you have children and they’re going in a wrong direction. They’re adult children, and you want to say thus-and-so, and this-and-that and blah-d-blah-d-blah. –It WON’T work! They can’t hear it. You have to step back, take a breath, turn it over to the Lord Jesus Christ: Lord, PLEASE have mercy upon their soul.

Brothers and sisters: Don’t make yourself CRAZY thinking that you should say this-and-that; and you’ve tried to tell somebody this, and maybe if there’s a better way I can say it …. It’s not going to work right now. This is the Father’s time. This is in Dad’s Hand: We made Dad stop the car, and now He’s coming back to deal with it! We are UNDER JUDGMENT – not only here, in Mystery Babylon USA, but globally. Globally we are under judgment. LOOK: We shut the whole planet down! –You know that old song We Are the World? We are the world shut down. And there was such tyranny in some areas, like in New York City, in some places on the West Coast. And you had to wear things over your face that made you not be able to breathe well and increase your chances of getting sick.

So, be STILL and know that He is God. Not by might, nor by power, but by His Spirit. Only the Holy Spirit can bring conviction. Only people ready to hear the truth can receive it.

Again, if we speak out of turn, we may cause a person to harden their heart further. Listen to the Holy Spirit. If He brings something up, you can go ahead and talk about it; He’s there with you. But if you just want to say this-and-that and this-and-that to whomever, and you think you’re going to change their mind … it’s NOT going to happen!

So we WAIT, we WATCH, and we PREPARE OURSELVES for the harvest. Because the day’s coming – like the people that took this [Linda gestures a shot/inoculation] … it’s going to start having AMPLIFIED very serious effects, including death.

So, again, don’t try to make yourself crazy, thinking you can come up with some way to make somebody believe something. –We CAN’T. What’s given me a lot of peace is the Heavenly Father letting me know, and reminding me, He allows everybody the right to choose. He gives each human that right, and we have to respect that right, regardless of how bad it is. –If we are prompted to share something, yes, we must. But this is also practice – especially here in Mystery Babylon – to remain quiet.

When the rise of the beast, the antichrist, occurs to where you see him rise, and where there is an increased persecution on Christians, you want to be QUIET. –That’s what our brothers and sisters have to do in the underground churches … in Iran, North Korea, China, Saudi Arabia.

We have to learn how to be STILL and know that He is God. Our First Amendment rights are not there anymore: you have to be careful what you say, or you could be “de-platformed”. [That is, YouTube now removes videos and even shuts down channels that say things they do not want to be said.]

So, brothers and sisters, I will read this again:

Proverbs 17, verse 27: “He who has knowledge spares his words, and a man of understanding has a cool spirit.”

If you have peace about somebody … the Holy Spirit will give you understanding. If you DO NOT have peace about somebody, be very careful …be very guarded: What that person is presenting may not be the truth.

–Yes: There are wolves in sheep clothing. There are goats in sheep’s clothing. There’s tares among the wheat. We have to pray for discernment and have that amplified in Jesus’ Name.

Brothers and sisters: We’ve got to “zip the lip”. Be still and know that He is God.

In Jesus’ Name. Amen and amen.


6-26-21 ~ Keeping our Mouth Shut Now

Scriptural Reference (Amplified) Proverbs 17:27

DAY 15 (of 21 Days): Prayer and Fasting: Sundown Friday, June 11th to Sundown Friday July 2nd.

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