Keep your eyes only on Jesus and you won’t sink when the storms are coming – Cornell de Beer

Keep your eyes only on Jesus and you won’t sink when the storms are coming

March 30, 2020 4:52 AM
Cornell de Beer

Dear friends, I hope this message will encourage and strengthen everyone for the storms that’s coming your way.
God is still the same God as He was thousends of years ago. Righteous, truth, love, faithful,  merciful, protecting and an forgiving Father. Jesus is in the boat with us, He will never forsake us.
Matthew 28, Matthew 14 and  additional Matthew 24.
Thank you and God bless.
Auto  Generated Transcript

good morning last night just before I fall asleep talking to Jesus in a very relaxing state are all of a sudden a rather violent image that I experienced as a child I would say was probably around six maybe seven years old and without going into much detail it was of a rather unusual quick birth and I thought for myself why would this message now come into my mind when I’m just you know cozying up to Jesus talking to Jesus and you know falling asleep and then I asked Jesus Jesus if that’s that was from you go to you please tell me why and I got Matthew 28 and Matthew 14 and I’m sure it’ll become clear why I got that now we know in Matthew 24 just to make it really short we saw about the birth pangs we saw about like a woman going into labor things happen earthquakes amines Wars rumors of wars and thus closure is a woman comes into labor labor the contractions get much worse and everybody expect a very you know a normal birth but I think from what the message I’m getting here is the birth pangs might have been slow and quickening up but the birth itself it’s gonna be quick which mean that Jesus is gonna come very soon we see an acceleration in what’s happening or gonna see an acceleration and what’s happening so I’m gonna read quickly Matthew 28 just a part of it in the end of the Sabbath as it began to dawn towards the first day of the week I Mary Matalin and other Mary to see the the copter and behold there was a great earthquake for the angel of the Lord is sent from heaven and come and roll back the stone from the door and set upon it his countenance was like lightning in his raiment white as snow as for fear of him the keepers did shake and become as dead men and the angel answered and said into the woman fear not yet for I know that ye seek Jesus which was crucified he is not here for he is risin as he said come see the place where the Lord lay and go quickly and tell his disciples that he’s rising from the dead in just message here is to not be afraid the Roman soldiers that was guarding the the thump of Jesus they shook for fear of him and become like dead men they fainted the resurrection of Jesus Christ is a subject of terror for the Antichrist spirits they acknowledge God but I do not want to acknowledge Jesus but God’s children in the word of the Bible we see the proof of resurrection eternal glory enjoy well we know the Word of God is true alive and active the resurrection agent is living again but living again in a new body perfectly suited for life in eternity Jesus is still rising there are seven to eight we see the message of the gospel go quickly and tell the nation’s Jesus was rising and rising to have and continue to have a real relationship with these people just like with his disciples us the angel told her to run to bring his word and she was filled with fear and great joy even if we are scared we are filled with joy because our Lord is coming soon believe is running in obedience are likely to be made by Jesus not to be slowed down in his sleep and get overtaken by the evil destroyer Jesus met with his disciples and he said rejoice do not be afraid we need to tell the world about Jesus on what he did for us on the cross verse 11 to 15 we see a cover up of Jesus resurrection and it begins with the bribery of his gods the chief priests give a large amount of money to the soldiers and tell the people that Jesus disciples come in the night and stole Jesus body while they slept this attempted to cover up these evil priests knew the truth of the Resurrection yet they rejected that just as like today verse 18 to 20 Jesus instructs his disciples and their duty after his departure all Authority has been given to Jesus in heaven and earth because Jesus has the authority and therefore commend them ask to go in his authority that God empowers us Jesus works and message would continue to the world through his disciples as believers make disciples of all nations disciples of scholars learners and students the power of spreading who Jesus is in what he did on the cross in the name of the Father in the Holy Son and of the Holy Spirit is a three essential basis of discipleship this teaching is not just words but the power of Jesus always present then Matthew 14 22 to 22 33 also told in mark 6 verses 45 to 52 in John 6 verses 16 to 21 the reference to Peter walking in the water is just not included after feeding the 5,000 Jesus sends his disciples on ahead of him in a boat to cross the sea of galilee a several hours later in the night the disciples encountered a storm that frightened them then they witnessed jesus walking toward them across the surface of the water and they feared them to terror because they believed they were seeing a ghost as recounted in matthew verse 27 jesus told him take courage it is I don’t be afraid Peter replied lord if that’s you tell me to come to you on the water in Jesus invited Peter Peter jumped out of the boat and begin walking on the water towards Jesus but the moment they took his eyes of Jesus Peter saw nothing but the wind and the waves and he started to sink Peter cried out to the Lord and Jesus immediately reached out his hand to catch him Jesus helped him Jesus and Peter climbed into the boat together the storm ceased after witnessing witnessing this miracle the disciples were sabji saying truly you are the son of God keep focused on Jesus Peter did not begin to sink until he started looking around at the wind and the ways for us believers in Jesus the lesson Easter will we take our eyes of Jesus in focus on our difficult circumstances that began to sink we began to sink under the weight of our problems if we cry out to Jesus in faith he will catch us by the hand in rises above seemingly impossible surroundings so we see clearly the message here Jasmin’s is gonna accelerate the birth is closed Jesus is coming soon very soon Jesus is in the boat with us do not look around but keep focusing on Jesus you know we won’t sink in fear when the storms are coming Jesus hold us by his hand in will help us above everything that seems frightening and impossible thank you and God bless


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