Keep your eyes focused on the Lord – Victoria Ang


Keep your eyes focused on the Lord

May 5, 2020
Victoria Ang


In the dream I was going to get married.I am hurrying to try to get to my wedding. But every single obstacle tried to get in the way. On the way my car broke down, so I had to get another vehicle to come pick me up. Then there was a traffic jam. While I was sitting in the traffic different people tried to approach me to get my attention and cause distraction ,but I kept my focus on getting to the wedding. I was so anxious to get married and be with my soon to be husband I wanted nothing to stand in the way.. My soon to be husband lived on a second floor of this building across from the chapel. I finally got to the chapel and could see him in the window,watching over me .He started to come downstairs to meet me.And the dream ended.

Interpretation :

The wedding for the bride of Christ will soon take place. The enemy is trying to cause many distractions so that the “bride” does not make it to the wedding. Keep your eyes focused on the Lord and nothing else around you. ( the second floor represents heaven )and the Lord coming for his bride. He keeps watch over us. He is THAT CLOSE!!

May we continue to keep in faith. Our eyes focused on Gods path. And May you be encouraged and look forward to his coming for his bride! Be blessed and May you feel the peace and joy of our Lord Jesus Christ! ❤️


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