“Keep your armour of light on you at all times, because the world is soon to be consumed by complete darkness, both literally and spiritually” – Mark Chen

Mark Chen

April, 25 2016

“Tell My children, that I AM coming, My son. Many are growing afraid because of what they see happening upon the earth, and many are losing heart. A number of My children are losing their faith, hope and peace in Me. Tell them NOT to be discouraged, My son, nor let their souls grow weary. I AM here with them, and I will see them through the coming tribulation in this world. Come to Me, My children, and I will give you rest. The world as you know it, will change forever soon, much sooner than most people realise, for the great shaking of the earth has begun, and it will not cease until all that I have appointed comes to an end.

“I speak through you now, My son, and say to those who are still living in the world, who are still chasing after the things in this wicked world- WOE TO YOU! For the world will soon perish, and everything in it that is NOT of Me will be shaken and removed! Seek NOT your own pleasures, foolish children, but wake up to the realisation that My righteous judgments are here, and they will increase both in frequency and intensity, as the Day of the LORD approaches!

“See now, the wicked ways of the world, for that is what I have come to judge and to destroy, though it will remain this way for a little while more, until I have brought all things and powers under My feet upon the earth. My dominion will know no end, and My Kingdom will last forever. My Sword have I awaken to devour and to consume all that stands opposed to Me, and My Word will stand when all else crumbles and falls in the world.

“Do not fear, My faithful ones, for I AM with you, even as you witness My terrible judgments upon the earth. Be not dismayed, My loves, for I AM your God; I will strengthen you and I will help you. Surely, I will uphold you with My righteous right Hand. Though the waters rise up in fury, they will not devour you; though the river consumes My foes, its waters will part before you, for I AM goes before you, and I AM stands behind you. No harm will befall you, My loves, so do not be afraid, nor let your hearts be moved by terror. For those who have been appointed as My Son’s martyrs, go in My peace, for physical death is but a fleeting transition into the life everlasting which awaits you in My heavenly Kingdom. Do not fear death, My loves, for your soul is safe, in the palm of My Hand.

“Keep on praying for those around you, My sons and daughters, for many are perishing into eternal darkness, as My righteous indignation and My divine judgments continue to be poured out upon the earth. Pray for the salvation of your loved ones, friends, neighbours and even your enemies, for I desire all to come to repentance, and for none to perish in their sins. Pray for the nations and for strangers you have never met, because what stands between life and death for many are the faithful prayers of My saints, who intercede for those who are lost and dying in this depraved world.

“To the elect Bride of My Son, Yeshua HaMashiach, do not growth slothful now, My loves. Keep your armour of light on you at all times, because the world is soon to be consumed by complete darkness, both literally and spiritually, My children. The battle rages on in the spiritual realms, and many of you grow weary and tired, this I can see. Come now to your Heavenly Father; come now to your Lord and King, Jesus Christ, My Son. My saints, be refreshed in the presence of your God once again, or you may falter and swoon from the fierce heat of the battle all around you.

Remember that the battle belongs to Me, the LORD your God, and I AM fighting on your behalf. You must realise by now that the battle is won, not by your might nor by your power, but by My Spirit, O children of God. If you do not choose to stand firm now in the Lord Jesus Christ, your Saviour, you shall not stand at all. The enemy wants to devour those who are battle-weary and disheartened, but I AM will keep you safe, as you abide in Me and I, in you.

“The shaking of the earth will continue to grow and reach a powerful apex, My children, for I have begun to sieve the earth and all its inhabitants. All that do not belong to Me, I will destroy, and none can stand up in My mighty judgments, except those who are washed and consecrated to Me by the precious and holy Blood of the Lamb of God. These are the ones who will walk in My Spirit, preach in My power, and minister in My love. To them I will give dominion over the powers of darkness, for the children of God will go forth in His Light and in His Counsel.

“Are you ready for My coming, My children? This will be the moment of truth for those who are counted worthy to be numbered among My Son’s Bride. For those who believe you are ready, but are still living in wilful sin and disobedience, it will be a moment of grievous reckoning for you. My Son will say to you, “Truly, I know you not; neither do you know Me!”

“What will you do then, My loves, when you discover the truth of your displeasing walk as one who professes to believe in My Son, but who pays only lip service to Him? Will you rend your garments in deep despair, or will you cry your heart out to Me in protest? It will be too late for you to change My mind at that time, so seek Me now with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, children. Learn My ways, and grow in the likeness of My Son, or you will surely be left behind, O lukewarm ones!

“I have warned you before, My loves, and I AM warning you once more. Do not love the world or anything of the world, for this world and everything in it is destined for destruction in My cleansing fire, so be wise and know what My Will is for you, My good, pleasing and perfect Will for each of My children. Let not the troubles of your lives ensnare you and make you unfruitful in your walk with Me, dear children, but seek first My Kingdom and My righteousness, and whatever you need shall be given to you in My perfect time and plan. Do not entertain any notion of sin in your lives, because the price to pay is great, and My Son has paid it all for you on the Cross. Since you have received the knowledge of salvation, do not spit in His face by wilfully pursuing the carnal desires of your flesh, for that will be a great affront and insult to Me, your Father, and to My Son, your Lord and Saviour.

“Grieve not the Holy Spirit, whom you have been sealed with as a deposit, guaranteeing your full redemption in Christ, which is coming. Only those who have their lamp filled with the measure of My Holy Spirit will be ready for the Rapture of Yeshua’s Bride, so examine yourselves daily and see if you are walking according to My Spirit, instead of the flesh. Do not delude yourselves, for I cannot be mocked. Those who sow to please My Spirit within them, will from My Spirit, reap eternal life. Those who sow to please their carnal flesh, will from their flesh, reap death and destruction. Be alert now, My children; watch and pray daily, because the hour of darkness is upon you.

” I, the LORD God Almighty, has spoken, so take heed of My Words, and listen to the leading of My Holy Spirit within you. Come to Me, My loves, and do not tarry, for the evil one is ever planting seeds of doubts in the minds of My own. Rebuke him, resist him, and reject him, in the mighty Name of My Son, Jesus Christ, for I will soon crush the enemy under your feet, My loves!”


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