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Justin Trudeau Dream

March 19, 2022 7:36 PM

This was a dream i received after praying for Canada.

Received on the morning of March 4,2022.

I was standing along a walkway between two large buildings. I had a sense that one was a government building of sorts. Justin Trudeau was walking towards one of the building. his left arm was in a sling and blood had seeped through the sling covering it with blood. I offered to help him but he told me his people would take care of it and he continued into the building. Shortly after he came out of the building i noticed not only his arm was in the sling still covered in blood but his leg now was also injured and covered in blood as well. My sense was he had not received the help he was counting on but instead took another hit by those he felt who would help him.

The next scene i was beside a raging river. Justin Trudeau was caught up in the rapids. i remember thinking i should help him but there was no way i could get near the river. I thought to myself that maybe this would be ok because it would clean his wounds. As i watched, he got caught up in a whirlpool and disappeared.

i immediately woke up and wrote the dream down and asked for validation if this was a message. I immediately fell back asleep and justin was in jail standing behind the jail bars as i was feeding him bread. I immediately woke up once again.

I have to say i was encouraged by this dream. I had felt such a sense of darkness overtaking Canada and the world over the last few years, but now i have a sense of hope that justice will prevail. I believe God has a plan and his timing is perfect.

Thank you, KMW


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