JUST DO IT! – Thalitha Kumi


Jan 22, 2020 7:35 PM
Thalitha Kumi


In Matthew 5:19 I said that you shall be great in My Kingdom, if you DO what I teach.

That was My Sermon on the Mount.  That was My teaching.  DO accordingly, and you will build your own greatness in My Kingdom.

My Kingdom belong to My CHILDREN, the least ones.

Children are innocent, they live and let live.  Children do not hold grudges, they do not judge, manipulate, slander, hate.  They are quick to reconcile and content with very little.  They are quick to love and know nothing of revenge.  They are not pretentious and not prideful.  They do not boast, they trust easily, they’re not worried about anything. They love to be close and they love to be happy.
Read My sermon again and again in Matthew chapters 5,6 and 7 – and JUST DO IT, and you will be great in My Kingdom!  Your house will be built on the rock, and you will be with Me forever.

I told My disciples to teach the nations to OBSERVE what I have taught.  To ‘observe’ is to DO.  Without these WORKS, your faith is dead – if you believe ME, or IN ME, YOU WILL DO AS I TEACH.

To believe a teacher’s words and teaching is good, but if the disciple only BELIEVE the teacher’s status and words to be true and good and never DO IT or APPLY it practically, it will be of no use, and the disciple will never become a master himself.

Show Me your faith in Me by DOING what I taught, and you will be like I AM and fit into My Kingdom as an heir in righteousness.

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