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Just as vultures prey and feed so will demons – Cornell de Beer

Just as vultures prey and feed so will demons

April 30 2020 2:50 AM
Cornell de Beer

Good morning everyone, I would like to share 5 visions I’ve recieved on the 18th of February 2020. These were one after the other.

Job 28:7
There is a path which no fowl knoweth, and which the vultures eye seen not.

We are alive in our Lord Jesus, our protector. With Jeshua we are on a path that the vultures can not see, He will drive away those vultures that want to harm us.

The first vision.

This might be hard to explain but I will try my best. I was relaxed and close to sleep and the next moment this litterly felt like this man’s face slammed into my brain. Its the only way to describe it.

It was the profile of a man from the side, just his face. Attractive I would say, strong cheekbone dark ish* brown hair and his eyes were open staring up. I do not know if he was dead or alive.

His mouth was stretched open and coming out of his mouth was like a wide red shiny ribbon or like a shiny red carpet. I think this represent blood as at first I thought I was just blood. I’ve also noticed that his chin area seemed just a bit unnaturally stretched to far, not normal. He looked like the previous French president Emmanuel Macrone. I can’t tell you for sure it was him but that’s what I thought at that moment.

The second vision was skulls.

It was like the outline of black skulls forming in a chrome silver liquid. I think skulls will always represent danger or death?

The third vision was of President Trump.

He was standing very close to someone on a podium with his lips just touching a man’s mouth. (Nothing passionate) I could not see who this man was but I think it represent a Judas kiss.

The 4th vision.

I saw big grey black birds from the back. If you were to think of a picture with vultures but the heads and feet were cut off as in not in the photo. These were vultures.

Vultures are unclean and demons acts like vultures. They prey, has a keen eye and always hover around. They will pick on flesh, destroy and rip apart those that turned from Jesus until only spiritual bones are left. We must pray and do our spiritual warfare, plead the blood of our precious lamb to protect us daily! We can not do this by ourselves, only Jesus can protect us against this evil.

I think the fact that I could not see the heads and feet represents that they are powerless without a head to feed/pick at flesh/bones and without claws they can not hold on to their prey.

In Isaiah 34:15 It tells us that they will gather with their mates.

The 5th vision.

I saw president Trump again and he was in a suit. In his hands against his chest he hold a large thin grey stone. To me it felt like a grave stone. I don’t know if he was pushed or he jumped himself but I saw him falling into green blue water.

At the time I consulted with my trusted real life sister and she told me about President Trump and the swamp. I can honestly tell you I’ve never heard about that in my life.

Please pray upon this and if anyone can add more insight to these visions, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and God bless.


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