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April 17, 2022  4:35 AM
Brother Moses
I will put you incharge of many things. Mathew 25:21

April 17, 2022

Words from the Lord.

Many of My children have turned their heart from Me. Many are now weary of My work. The world have taken full possession of many who once followed me with their whole heart. The light of many of My children have become dim. Many of My children have left their duty post to pursue after the vanity of this life.

The world that is very dark and decaying is what many of My children are serving with their whole heart. You cannot serve Me and the world at the same time. You either belong fully to Me or you belong to the world. I will not accept your lukewarm services.

What have you gain from following the world and its systems? The world will only bring confusion, disappointment and regret to your heart. There is no peace to those who live only to gratify their fleshly lust. The more sin enters into your heart the darker your heart becomes.

I the Lord is coming to bring home with Me only those who have fully turned their back from the world and have fully surrendered their life and will to Me. I am coming for a pure bride. Great glory awaits My bride. What I have prepared for My bride who loves and follows Me with passion cannot be described by the most wise man on earth. Man in his highest ability can not be able to fathom the great things that awaits My bride in the heavenlies. No human language can describe it.

My bride will be very close and united with Me for all eternity. She will reign with Me forever. My glory will be hers. She will rule the nations with an iron rod. She will be one with Me in spirit, soul and body. She will be like Me in life and nature except in the Godhead. That is she will not be worshiped as God but will recieve the full honour due to her as My bride! She will forever be known as bride of God. All those who are walking in an intimate relationship with Me in this life will be My bride for all eternity. I will put My bride incharge of many things.

She will be seen as the fourth person after the Godhead, for she will be greater than the angels in power and authority. She will be so intimate with Me more than an earthly wife is to her husband. She will have power to judge the world and even the angels. The union between Me and My bride is a great mystrey that will take My bride eternity to fully comprehened.

This is just a little glimpse of the great glory and beauty that awaits all those who are faithfully working with Me in an intimate relationship.

The worst thing that will happen to you in this life is to miss being my bride! Drop your pursut of the vain glory of this world and start building an intimate relationship with Your God. DONT MISS THE GREATEST FLIGHT THAT IS COMING SOON!.


Coordinating Scriptures.

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Brother Moses.


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