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July 20th , no year! – LM


July 20th , no year!

June 22, 2024 5:55 PM

While praying in the spirit on April 12, 2024 I saw so clearly the date of July 20th but no year.

On May 28, 2024 before I fell asleep I asked Holy Spirit what that date meant.

I dreamed that night…….

I feel I was possibly at a school office (maybe my kids elementary?) I was standing at the back of the office watching this happen… a white woman with blonde hair passed by me on my left side she walked up to a table she wanted a map of the world that was rolled up laying on the table. The Blonde woman asked the receptionist sitting at the desk if she could have the map. Receptionist replied “NO!” But the Blonde woman still takes the map and walked away so calm like no big deal nobody will stop me nor take it from me.

The receptionist picked up the phone to call security ( but with no urgency). I tell the receptionist I have the blonde woman info
(I had a knowing I had her address) so call 911 for the police to be sent to her home & get the map back!! I felt an urgency to get that map back! I walk up to that same table and I see there is another map of the world hanging on the wall. And my eyes were drawn to something that was on the map like a black blob or paint (I dont remember the geographic area) I than woke up. I had a knowing the blonde woman was evil.



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