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Judgment of the Wicked – Caroline Diadem

Judgment of The Wicked

May 7, 2020
Caroline Diadem

Its all in the plan. A two fold plan, initiative by the giants on the earth. A cleverly devised plan that is not to fail. An imposing mechanized plan by the elite. All will be revealed. Shrewd investors steer it along in their steering committee. They have a formula of course. A man made formula so they think, the construction of which has been mastered by the divine one of power called the prince of darkness. Oh yes a prototype they call it, the high esteem of man loves to boast about their many inventions but I have a toolbox too and that they know nothing about. Their witty inventions shall sink to the dust. I find them out, I know by what means they work. They work to outlaw me but I shall outlaw them when they feel the force of my hand upon them. They think they are God, they think they can play God they thin they can play with my creation, they think they can mess with my master plan, well I will show them what I have up my sleeve, for my fury burns against them that they should tackle me? That they should make attempt to tackle me! Am I like them.. I tell you not, they are well outmatched. Now I will send the fire of my judgement upon them for co-ursing with the devil the evil one. A swift strike from my hand to bring them down from their high place where they will not rise again. How I created man for myself, but they scheme their secret schemes against me, I will rebuke them openly so everyone can see what I do to those who plot and scheme trouble against me and act as though they are gods themselves. My rule will never end, but the schemes of men will be diminished.

I Am a jealous God, I will have no gods before me. I am an avenger in the earth. See California it comes up before me see its neighbouring city Nevada, its crimes come up before me.

Marshall law will be enacted its i coming. The entertainment industry is a stench and polluted with crime and perversity. Where is my holy temple? Mammon rules, it shall be torn down to the dust. A swift strike of my hand brings her down to the dust.

Anyone who makes and believes a lie, I will not tolerate. They will not escape my wrath. Keep yourselves pure, righteous, hones and true.

Unveil unveil unveil the wicked of the earth, they shall be hidden no more, those who lived deliciously will do so no more, cover your heads in shame, you deceitful liars. Cover your heads in dust for the fate that awaits you, for it waits no more. Crying and shame for your perversions and wickedness. You imprisoned and took advantage of many, you moguls but no more, I pay you back double for your sins, you anger me with your abuse of my people who I created to serve me. You served yourself deliciously, you treated yourself so well, so now you will be repaid deliciously too and your enemies will be shocked at your sudden doom, for you are my enemy, I will bring you down to hell in a moment, in a flash of my fury. This is how my enemies get paid, you who would suffer no loss, you who would suffer no lack of profit in your racketeering, I will now take what is owed to me, you did not expect to repay me, but you will pay with your life and with eternal destiny, you who kick so venomously against a God who loves you and who sent His beloved son for you, Oh how you despised me for so long, now your destiny is sure, it is finished for you.

Repent O sinners of the earth repent, it is a late hour O peoples of the earth, do not be caught do not be persuaded by the wicked ruler of the earth, turn your hearts back to God, back to my mercy, my love and compassion. Turn back my beloved people for I am a true father to you, I will pick you up and shield you in my tender and loving arms,

Look to me in the day of trouble, I will deliver you, Your Abba father with tender love and deep compassion.



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