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Judgment: Kenya – Steve Holmes

Judgment: Kenya

Feb 1, 2020 4:55 AM
Steve Holmes

January 29, 2020, 3:32am God’s judgment in East Africa.

I was asked by a christian in Kenya to “Intercede like Jeremiah” because of the worsening, horrific locust plague there. This is what the Lord spoke to me when I began to pray.

“I will have mercy upon whom I will have mercy when they repent in Kenya. There is much sin and witchcraft in the land and I will not relent until they humble themselves and repent of their wicked deeds, for they do mock me openly with idolatry. Many worship other gods and demons before me to provoke me to anger and cast their evil spells to enslave souls and they practice their unrepentant witchcraft. Tell the people to repent or I will not stay my hand of judgment and great shall be the suffering in that land- far worse than they can anticipate. I shall not be mocked: tell the people to choose wisely whom they shall serve. Serve me and live. Choose to mock me by serving and worshipping the evil one and the suffering shall continue in wave after wave, and famine shall be their daily bread. Tell my vessels of light to fear ME and preach the truth in Kenya without compromise. The day of my visitation is at hand, and I shall not suffer another rebellious Sodom and Gomorrah to glorify itself in it’s wickedness before me. My judgments are righteous and my warnings have been sufficient and plentiful. Tell them the locusts are a foreshadowing of my greater judgments and great suffering awaits them if they do not repent. My angels stand ready to release further judgments to purge the land of it’s sin. My word says “rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft,” and Kenya is a nation in rebellion against me, the sovereign Lord of heaven and earth. Be my disciples, oh Kenya, and no longer servants of the wicked one who comes not but to kill, steal and destroy what is holy and mine. The people love darkness, and with the love of darkness comes suffering and death, for I wil not abide in such an atmosphere where death and destruction are loved without bringing death and destruction upon those who worship the darkness. The cup of my anger is full and those who stumble souls with darkness shall drink from it down to the dregs, and unless they repent, they shall descend into the pit of darkness that they so love for eternity. I have called Kenya to be a light to the nations of Africa and beyond. But my blessings and revelation have been hindered by the love of darkness and evil. I hear the cries from the ground of the shed blood of martyrs who have been mercilessly slaughtered, their innocent blood poured out by those who hate me. Many do not believe I am a God who sees all that is done in darkness, but I will expose what is done in darkness to the light. Tell them who do such wickedness to repent. Tell them who turn a blind eye to unrighteousness and murder that I will hold them accountable for their silence. Tell the lying pastors who pervert my word for money and those who prophecy for a price that they are not mine, and I am coming with my swift rod of judgment and correction to correct them before all. My righteous judgment begins in MY HOUSE for I am YAHWEH, GOD ALMIGHTY AND I AM HOLY!

To those who have put their trust in me and obeyed my commands: be strong in me, wear your armor and live your lives holy and hidden in me- in the shadow of my wing. Be my faithful stewards of the truth and allow me to shine through you to expose that which is hidden in darkness that I wish to set free in the light of my truth, mercy and glory. Be faithful unto death, my beloved children, and I will dry your tears with my own living, nail scarred hand and I shall give you a crown of life that shall never tarnish nor be taken away. Behold- storms of great persecution approach. Remain hidden in me and in my love. Let no man steal your crown with hate, unforgiveness, deception or another gospel.”

The blood of Jesus is the only hope for Kenya and east Africa. Lord God have mercy. In Jesus’ name, amen.



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