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Judgment has begun – Anonymous

Judgment has begun

Jan 16, 2020 12:07 AM

8:30PM, Wednesday January 15, 2020.

America, America, your fate is sealed- my justice shall prevail and my judgment is going forth. Pride in your own evil power to own the souls of others through conquest has blinded you. I will not ignore the misery and the suffering you continue to spread throughout the world with your blood lust for war, power, money, filthy imaginations and greed. The cries of innocent babies to whom I have given life reaches my ears and my wounded, torn, grief stricken heart as you mercilessly continue to slaughter the unborn in the sanctity of the wombs I prepared for them. You slaughter the sinless, holy, defenseless little ones and you dare to call it a “right” before your creator and theirs? You are greatly deceived by choice. Seduced by the deception of sin and making yourselves out to be ME, the creator of ALL LIFE! You have accounted them before me as nothing more than fire wood as you sacrifice them to the flames of Baal and to every wicked demon you so love and worship. I will abide this no longer. You will pay for this merciless slaughter of my unborn, America. You will see your own children mercilessly slaughtered, raped, defiled, thrust through, poisoned, shot, starved, eaten and dashed to death upon the ground before your own eyes, even as I have seen you rip my children apart while they scream in pain beyond what you can imagine. And for what? Convienience? Pride? Arrogance? Greed? Status? Fame and fortune? You have caused much death in your own nation, and death you shall reap. I will make an example out of you that will cause men to tremble in fear of my righteous justice before me for all of eternity. America, you paid for all of your “things” with the blood of innocents throughout the world, and now it is time for you to “pay the piper.” What is owed is due, and is payable in your own shed blood and destruction that you cannot imagine but will see unfold with your own eyes. This is my justice for you, America, wicked whore of Babylon the Great.

To the righteous and those who walk before me in holiness, prepare your hearts to endure being targeted for murder, hate, injustice, slander and vicious lies from the enemy, persecution, injustice and death. Make sure your name is written in the Lamb’s book of life and you are living according to my will and my word, walking before me in holiness as humble but boldly empowered kings, priests, anointed harvesters of souls. You are not prepared for what is coming, and you will suffer greatly for refusing the calls to repent and prepare- but the just shall LIVE…by FAITH, and my grace shall be sufficient for you.

Love not your lives, even unto death, put Jesus first in all things, abide in him and you will receive a crown of life that does not fade away when you receive your eternal rewards as you stand before me, God your father and Lord Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God who watches over the sheep of his pasture as a loving shepherd who cares for and laid down his life for my sheep; My beloved son in whom I am well pleased.

Peace has passed. There shall be war of unbelievable and unforgettable magnitude of destruction. (He showed me the aftermath of his wrath- an empty, sterile gravel pIt of rocks and sand, completely devoid of any life). Trouble cometh, and shall not be turned away. America, America, the stench of your sins has reached and filled my nostrils, and the smell is putrid, filthy, unholy and foul before
me. Worse than human waste. Worse than you can imagine. In my word, I said I would render unto you double all of the grief, agony, terror, horror and death you have poured out on other nations and upon the innocent ones whom I said not to hinder and to allow them to come unto me. You are going to reap what you have sown, now, in this generation. Peace is taken from your antichrist loving and worshipping world. The horses of war, famine, economic crash and death are riding to their destinations.

America, I have weighed you in my divine balances of justice, mercy, forgiveness and sin. You are found wanting, destitute of my presence and few even notice. Your filth and self righteousness stand naked and exposed before me and before all of heaven and earth, and yet you are blind to the unfathomable pain you have caused others. You shall drink from the cup of my judgment- a double portion- all of it, and your wretchedness, filth and sin loving nation will not survive. I am going to remove the stench of this nation from the face of my earth for eternity, and I shall be glorified for it. Heaven and earth will rejoice at the pouring out of my righteous justice upon sin.

Repent and seek me- my face, my forgiveness, my mercy, my shed blood, my compassion and my presence. Seek to have my heart and forgive those who will torment and kill you, for my justice is just, and they will stand before me too, but I am also a God of loving kindness, forgiveness and mercy, even to my enemies, and so shall you be also for I have already commanded it in my wordand by my own shed blood that saved you and is freely given to save them. Be as I am, and remember always that I AM. Cry out to me when you are in need (and we all will be) and I will help and strengthen you. I am your protection, strength and shelter in the coming storm which is of a magnitude you cannot yet comprehend but will. But those who defy me will suffer my wrath. I AM YHWH GOD ALMIGHTY I AM NOT MOCKED, ALL MEN ARE MINE AND EVERY SINGLE ONE WILL BOW THEIR KNEE TO ME AND WILL GIVE AN ACCOUNT BEFORE ALL AT THE JUDGMENT.

Be righteous and holy. Behold, I will take my bride at my father’s chosen time: not before nor after. Work out your salvation with fear and trembling at my word, for surely all of it shall come to pass. The beginning of sorrows has come. So it must be because of man’s choices. Remain steadfast in me. I see all, hear all know all that will befall and trouble you in these last days, my children. Be good and faithful warriors of the faith in love- as I demonstrated with my own life. Encourage one another, build one another up. Be my army of loyal warriors and I shall reward you with eternal rewards that shall never fade away, my glorious Bride. I love you with the measurement of my own shed blood. Do not be afraid or ashamed to love others in a similar, self-sacrificial manner, for many will be called to do so. It is a great honor.

Behold, I am with you always, and my reward is with me. In the greatest of love,



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