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Judgement Will Continue – Barbara Francis


Judgement Will Continue

September 10, 2021
Barbara Francis

I look at man and I am grieved .Where is your wisdom ? I have given you Psalms and Proverbs to learn and grow. I see debauchery, murder and adultery. I see oppression and strife. As I open the seals and show my power and might using your weather and earth changes I do not see the fear of the Lord. Even the plague and pestilance has not moved you to REPENT and turn away from sin. My judgements have been written and recorded in my Apocalypse book written by John . You remain unmoved and unrepentant.I see only a few righteous men and women. I see horrific and heinous crimes against babies and children. My tears fall to earth as floods.Judgement will continue, the bowls and trumpets judgements will shock and surprise the mockers and scoffers. I have given you prophets and messenger s to warn you of coming disasters, you have refused to hear and to believe them . You have tried to silence and kill them . I have poured out my Spirit on my anointed. I have given them dreams and visions to share with you and alert you that I AM COMING TO YOU .I AM COMING FOR YOU , I AM WITH YOU , I LOVE YOU. I COME QUICKLY with my reward.

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