Judgement is about to begin on all Nations – Pam Miller

Pam Miller

Word from the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit)

Word received 9/7/13

Judgement is about to begin on all Nations.
Hear His call. He is calling for all the saints to gather as one. Now is the time to harvest. Now is the time to reap. In the days ahead many will be searching for truth, for the way, for the light. We are to be the light and show them the way. The world is going to shake, groan and cry out. Nations are going to topple. Fear not for He will be with thee.Lean not on our understanding but know that things are about to unfold and I AM is in control. The day is coming when we shall see the Son in all His Glory and Majesty!!! Behold the Lamb of God is returning as the conquering King!!! His Kingdom comes!

Word received 9/7/13

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