Judgement for Abortions – Migdalia Costa

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Judgement for Abortions

February 5, 2023 4:23 PM
Migdalia Costa


Before hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida, my heart was heavy, knowing that many would suffer the either loss or major damage of homes, businesses, jobs, and some with their lives. God, knowing this, gave me the following dream vision September of 2022, a couple of days before it hit.

I saw an operating/procedure room. The room was darkest on the perimeter, but gradually lightened from the perimeter to the center. I was looking from the distance that I could see exactly what God wanted me to see without being overly traumatized. I thank Him for that mercy.

The operating table was short, like ones used for GYN examinations and procedures.
There was a rolling table with a metal surgical tray on top to the side of it. On a blue and white pad, I saw the freshly dismembered parts of a baby of either late 2nd trimester or early 3rd trimester. This infant has been torn limb from limb out of its mother’s womb – whose screams only God heard as this was happening to it.

I was understandably shaken, but I understood what the Lord God was saying to me. This vision helped to temper my heavy heart. This storm which hit Florida, was a judgement and recompense for the murder of infants from abortions. I also understood that many more devastating storms will continue to hit this nations as judgement for these murders along with other abominations.

Migdalia Costa

P.S. I am ashamed to admit that I sinned in not releasing this dream vision as soon as I was given it. Never-the-less, there is a comma after hurricane Ian, since many more will follow.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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