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Judgement Begins in the House of the Lord – J. Howey

Judgement Begins in the House of the Lord

June 17, 2024 2:33 PM
J. Howey

9-16-2024 – 3 a.m.

Finishing up a 9 day fast, and the first morning, Sunday, after the fast, The Lord woke me up at 3 a.m. and said “Judgment Begins in the House of the Lord” and I tried to go back to sleep. He said, “NO, get up a write!” This has never happened before, in this way to me. (The Lord waking me up). 

My body has been led by weak shepherds who do not stand against the evil of the day. They have stood in the pulpits across America in silence as innocents are slaughtered each minute across the U.S. They have stood in silence as her borders are overrun, refusing to sound the alarm and a call to repentance.
Over a million people have dropped dead in the U.S. alone or “Died Suddenly” from the C Shots yet the pulpits are silent. 17 Million worldwide have gone to meet Me and many daily are finding they had no more time! The C-Shot tech is killing them. Yet the pulpits are silent by and large.

When My Church is led by weak, self-serving excuses for shepherds, pastors, bishops and overseers, it’s no wonder that most not only have not stood against the evil of the time, but many have willingly bowed to the Master of Fear – Fear of Man, Fear of Government, Fear of Standing Alone!! Standing alone with Me, the Lord of the Universe is NOT ALONE!

Had they stood, as very few did, they would have seen Me blessing their flocks and ministries. Instead, the one talent they have will be stripped away, and they will be required to give an account for NOT STANDING against evil, which I abhor!!! THE DAY has arrived!!

Judgment Begins in MY House! Prepare to Give an Account! Yhwh

Ps 1a – Blessed is the man[a]
who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers;

[And then God continued]

This is an indictment of My shepherds appointed by Me to lead MY Sheep. FEED MY SHEEP!

To Guard the Gate and not let the wolves in! John 10:1-18

But they would have none of it. They are imposters who have sold their souls to some other god than Me. You say, I did NOT! Nay, you slept in fear of reprisal and shut your mouths while your own flock bowed to fear, and you bowed too! You refused to stand, so, in e ect, by not standing, you walked in the council of the wicked.

By not sounding the alarm, you stood in the path of sinners who cower in fear, crying to not tell a man What NOT to do with his own body. If a man were about to drink poison, wouldn’t you stop him? If a man were about to walk o a cli , would you cry out and try to stop him? If a man were to leave his family and walk with the harlot, would you warn him earnestly?

Such is the will of the heart who does not warn in the evil day. Weak, compromised, fearful and worthless to Me. You mouth empty words.

I AM stripping the flocks of those who have not stood at the Gate of My Church against the evil of today, NOW!

Now is the Day of Judgment upon MY shepherds!

Humble Yourselves and Repent!

And Do MY WILL! Will it be easy? NO!

Will you lose church members? Yes! Do you fear Me or men?

Choose you this day Whom you will serve!!!
Judgment Begins in the House of the Lord!

El Shaddai – [The Almighty]

Jeremiah 31:9
Ezekial 33:6
Isa 53:7
Revelation 3:22
Isa 16:4


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