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Jonah Eaten by Kronosaurus

April 21, 2022 9:11 PM
Immanuel Acree

Dream: I am looking around at the status of my attempts at fishing lately, scanning different parts of the water and beaches where people fish. I am disappointed that it seems like there are no fishing spots for me. I feel bad and even have thoughts of guilt that maybe it’s my fault due to mistakes that I have made: maybe that’s why other people are catching fish and I’m not.

But then I find myself in a bad position– like someone has snatched me up and thrown me into the water–so I am suddenly dangling from a coastal cliff, tied to the land high above me. I am now submerged deep in the water at least 40 feet down or so. (This is a particular dislike of mine, being anywhere down into an abyss like deep dark water. Staring into the deep ocean makes me freeze! And that’s where I am now!)

So there I am dangling in the dark abyss and a giant beast with a dinosaur head and flippers swims by and eats me! The size is perfectly memorable. I think it was about as long as a regular school bus. The mouth was about the same size or bigger than a single bed, and longer. The mouth was lined with a single row of long teeth, nearly identical to a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

My first fear was surely the sight of the thing but my second fear was that I would bounce around inside the mouth and get cut by the giant teeth!

As I was swallowed whole, this is where I woke up.

Thankfully that’s the end of the dream!


The fishing locations I looked at were already taken or just inaccessible, and frustrating, but they were also easy– they were casual. So there was convenience, comfort, and no challenge if I succeeded to fish there. (Fishing represents ministry– sharing the gospel and getting people discipled. So I had difficulty sharing Jesus with people.)

But God took me and used me as bait.

The sea beast that ate me represents something that is clearly worth catching in God’s eyes, but not something I would want anything to do with. In that dark water I was uncomfortable, disturbed, unhappy, and would never have gone there on my own. I couldn’t have swum down there by willpower, not for anything.

So the meaning is simply that: God wants to take us places we would hate to go on our own, using us as a sacrifice to achieve great things. We need to be okay with losing all comfort and all desires so that somebody new can hear the gospel.

A new detail: I do believe that this dream shows a bonus revelation about Jonah’s “Whale” / “Fish”. The creature that ate me was almost definitely a Kronosaurus. So I looked up the word from the Septuagint which happens to be κήτος–a “sea monster.” κήτος (Ketos) was used generally and ignorantly for any sea creature that had a giant mouth. So to an ancient Greek who had heard of Jonah’s story, their word for his fish would have indeed been Ketos no matter what had swallowed him whole. How terrifying.

Immanuel Acree


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