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John Shorey Newsletter Special Alert 10/9/19 [Please Pray For Frank]

John Shorey Newsletter Special Alert


[Please Pray For Frank]


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  1. Dear brother John, I feel very sad about your conflict with brother Frank. I don’t know if the earthquake will come until the 27. of October (End of Summer) as Frank said and I musst say I never listened to his whole videos because they are too long but as I understood brother Frank sees very clearly the condition of the church and warn. In your last letter, you said something about Joyce Meyer.
    Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen and many others preach a false gospel: psychology with a little Jesus, to look christian.
    I wanted to ask you last time: did you ever warn pastors? did you warn all these Pentecostal Pastors, who allowed in the church Homosexuals, “christian yoga” (Kundalini Spirit), who are leading the church to Rom in the arms of the Pope?
    Did you warn people like Joyce Meyer or Joel Osteen or others? what is really the ministry of a prophet? to give the exactly time of the rapture or to warn false pastors, false prophets, who destroyed the body of Christ?
    Since 1992 the Lord sent me to the Pentecostal Churches to warn, they didn’t want to listen. They opened the door of the church for the false prophets and closed the doors for people like me.
    I was from the Evangelical, Pentecostals churches but I left some years ago and I’ll not go back until the judgement of God comes above the church and separate Babylon and Zion. What do I have with Bill Johnson and his wife and church (Bethel), who go to heaven, when they want and make yoga and speak of Energy and Auras?
    Brother John, I wish you the Best in every area. Let brother Frank go his way as he sees it and you, as the Lord leads you.

  2. Linda L Courtney

    I agree with you 1000%. There are other Messengers saying the same as Frank, not to the TIME, but that California WILL SOON have a 10 to 10.5 earthquake, and the PNW where I live, will be hit with a 7.5 BEFORE that*******

  3. Nettie

    I think all of you are right and have truth. Catherine most defnately about Joyce Meyer and the like.

    Linda about the very huge earthquake coming. Even the local authority has now sent out warnings.

    Frank should repent of trying to make his date of “before end of summer” comes true by moving the goalpost. Three times now.

    John is also right though. I tried numerous times to talk to Frank about two of his strange beliefs. He refuse to be teachable, like John says.

    The one is that Frank tells ALL people whose ill, that its because of unrepentant sin in their life. He said it numerous times in different videos, and over the phone to John. So he sincerely not only believes this, but teaches it to people.

    It does not matter how many times I tried to explain Job to him, or how Jesus answered His disciples question about whether the blind man could not see because of his parents’s sin or his own, and Jesus replied “NEITHER”. It was to exhalt God in the process. Of course God uses illnes and disease as punishment, especially during tribulation. But to ascribe ALL illness to it, is dangerous, because thereby Frank plays judge over ill people.

    And he removes Job from his Scripture knowledge by forgetting that the most righteous person, Job, was tested by Satan using illness. This causes righteous people today who has illness or physical pain and problems to feel like Frank is telling them they are going to Hell because somewhere there’s a sin we somehow “missed”. So the power of Jesus blood is clearly not enough if we can’t recall every last bit of sin we did. And he ignores those of us who got revelation from the Father that He is using our physical pain and illness for His benefit, and not because of punishment, and that we will soon be healed completely like Job was.

    The other issue is that Frank makes blanket statements about the church. He might be right about the USA’s church, but he says it’s ALL churches in the WHOLE world, and that simply is not true. There’s pockets in countries, like China, who even under severe persecution, are spreading the Gospel like wildfire. Same in Philipines, etc. Frank falls for something a lot of Americans stumbles over. They see the USA as representative of the whole world. When its in fact a very small part of all the Christian communities out there. The USA even got a special name for the End Times, as they have mixed their Bible doctrines with those of Babylon of old, while none of the other believers in other countries got such a title in the Word. So clearly the USA is being treated differently by The Father than the rest of the world. Not that the rest are innocent and will not be punished and righted in their errs, just that the rest is not as severely misled than those in the USA. So again Frank ignores certain parts of Scripture to teach his own beliefs,

  4. S.S

    Dear John, I counsel you to follow Biblical 4 steps, if you find fault in Frank. See link

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