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John Shorey Newsletter 9-1-19

John Shorey Newsletter


This newsletter has important information on the Cascadia earthquake and the two studies I have been working on.



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  1. John,the tribulation is different from the great tribulation which is also different from the wrath of God.The tribulation starts with the first six seals ,the opening of the seventh seals leads to the seveb trumpets ,then the wrath of a God.
    The church will be kept from the Antichrist for 1260 days ;divide by 30 days = 1 month (into months will give you 42 months) (check rev 12) ,then the persecution starts for 42 months (3 years and 6 months ) .(check Revelation 13:5) so will give you seven years .Rapture is after seven years of Antichrist rule (The tribulation + great tribulation = 3 years ,6 months ). I have been following your letters for a while at least 6 months .

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