John Shorey Newsletter 4-5-19: Special Edition


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  1. Dewey Norris

    Really, 30 pages !!!!?

  2. While in praise & worship devotional time last night, a most interesting thought crossed my mind. I was thinking of the Words already posted over past months about the prophesied ‘kick-off’ war event, & especially the Lord’s Words telling us that this coming event would happen on one of our nation’s many national holidays, & that it would also happen on a weekend. In recent months there has also been some unusual attention given to the date of April 6th in many Word posts, & so I was merely pondering over all of this, wondering to myself if there was a connection between these things? Then the idea came to mind to see if there are any national holidays coming up in this month, as so many notable prophetic events seem to be headed for April? My regular wall calendar didn’t show anything about a holiday, so I went online to verify my search. Sure enough, there is a little known national holiday on April 6th, called Tartan Day! The site said- “National Tartan Day is a celebration of Scottish heritage and also marks the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath…” Then I took special note that this holiday also falls on a weekend! Do you think it is coincidental that both of these two requirements will be fulfilled in our nation TOMORROW, while few have noticed? I’m not making a prediction here, but I am noticing the conditions are ripe! rick

  3. While researching the holiday idea a little further for this month, I discovered there is one more national commemorative holiday that also falls on a weekend in the month of April, and that is next weekend! – the 14th. The reason this dual requirement is important is because of the Lord’s Word that said the ‘kick-off’ event will happen on one of our many national COMMEMORATIVE holidays. So I looked into this a little further at- “List of observances in the United States by presidential proclamation”. It showed April 14 is Pan American Day, and the start of Pan American Week. There are other holidays in April, but not on weekends… So, my point is that because of everything pointing to April, & all of the Words that keep saying- “time is up” I have to wonder if it is time now, or in a matter of days, that the ‘kick-off’ event is about to occur? Because once it happens, then the things that follow will certainly bring in the 3 Days of Darkness right away in the following days & weeks after. I just think this is so very interesting! Mainly because even those who read that Word will be looking at their normal wall calendars & won’t see any holidays for the near future, as I did too at first. But the more I thought about that Word, the more I remembered how the Lord worded what He said, for He called it “one of your many national commemorative holidays”. That one sentence alone could basically reveal some very important facts to anyone paying close attention. We’re certainly very near to a lot of excitement. rick

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