John Shorey Newsletter 3-2-19: Time Is Short

John Shorey Newsletter 3-2-19: encouraging words and previews from my next study.


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  1. Susan Elizabeth

    Dear John,

    I made it so far to page 3 but wanted to type up this response before I head into work…

    I had a powerful dream last night about the comet flying in to our atmosphere and hitting and causing earthquakes, tsunamis and chaos.

    SO REAL!!!

    2 weeks ago I had a dream about a earthquake splitting the middle of the country and me standing in a giant mansion with a whole lot of friends and family and saying, “now will you believe me?” And then they apologized we all went evangelizing in the chaos!

    Wanted to share, praying for you and will be sending some money to help you as well. I love your newsletters and feel the Holy Spirit when I read them.

    Thank you for being a servant leader.


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