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John Shorey Newsletter 11/26/19


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  1. S.S

    Hi John Shorey.
    I have a major prophectic news. You will be thrilled to know it. Please give me your email address. So that I can send you this prophectic news.

  2. Van

    Hi John: you do not know me, but I know of you thru Jim Bakker(long time listener) I was wondering why you haven’t been on his show in a long time and then I run into your newsletter thru 444 prophecy News. Hope all is well with you. I don’t have much to say to you, I am a pretrib guy so we differ. I am 75 and heavy into prophesy, 40 yrs and listen to Glynda Lomax, Hal Lindsay, Jack Van Impe and Dr. Jeremiah. I am going to read your Nov newsletter to see how you stack them. No reply to this comment is necessary. I am van from Best Wishes and God Bless!!!

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