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John 14:6 The Way, the Truth and the Life- Your Choice, Not Mine!

October 19, 2023 10:07 PM

We are all put on this Earth to make a difference. The difference you make can either be a positive one or a negative one. Your actions create the soul you reside in. While doing good upon this Earth you form a soul that readies itself for my Heavenly Kingdom. Your reflection of I Am, is part of the destination you are traveling to. Your soul emanates light, and you become that light.
Those of my children that stay in the darkness find it hard to step into the light. Their deeds weigh them down and keep them in sin. Though it is not too late to step into the light and leave all chains behind you. Repentance is your first step into light. Stop all sins that have kept you in darkness. Be the light you were always meant to be.

All my children become reflections of me as they get closer to me. Spending their time in prayer, worship, singing, dancing and speaking to me brings them so much closer. These are my children who know what is important. They give their time to their creator. They follow my rules because they love me.
No matter what happens in the near future, they will know how to find me. Thank you for being obedient, thank you for your love and time.
Your Father

We stand at the precipice of eternity. It is an eternity that you will either love or detest. There will be no in-between.
Those who are mine will be ushered in by angels to their new home, their eternal home. Reunions will be commonplace but exciting each and every time. Love will abound. No fear, no worry, no tension. Bliss that is felt in every crevasse of your soul.
My children (who are no longer mine) that don’t follow me will find a totally different eternity that is void of love and compassion. It will be filled with fear, on a continual basis. Fear that is beyond the scope of Earthly understanding. Loneliness, sadness and an eternity that does not stop, for the tortures you endure have no end or beginning, they just are.
It is your choice to choose between these two eternities. It is your free will that will bring you to either one of these locations.
Do not say, “How can a God (that I believe in) bring me to a Hell like this?” For I do not bring you there, you do from your actions and who you have
become on Earth.
I have many of my children trying to tell you the way, the truth and the life (Jesus summed it up in one verse, John 14:6 – “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.” All of man’s questions of life are answered in this verse.)
But do you listen or mock them?
It is up to you to change your direction if you have not focused on me in the past. I love you, but I do not make the final decision of where you will reside, YOU DO!

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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