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Joe Biden Out Kamala Harris In – Steel Sharpens Steel

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Joe Biden Out Kamala Harris In

January 22, 2023
Steel Sharpens Steel

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Dream from Jan 4, 2020:

Joe Biden becomes president. Dream shows him walk into the White House, stooped a bit at the shoulder, taking slow, careful steps, and looking tired.

Then he exits the White House. In the dream, this appeared to be early. I don’t believe Kamala could enter the White House by election.

And that is what the dream showed—Kamala Harris entered the White House and sat in the Oval Office. Before her, a steel rack held a matrix of many televisions. Each showed a different scene of trouble. At least one showed fire. Kamala sat, stupefied, slack-jawed, mouth wide open. She stared at the screens but said nothing and did nothing.

An angel’s voice said, “And suddenly, everything went terribly wrong.” I prayed later. Holy Spirit told me she will be in “for a short time” before “terribly wrong” arrives.


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