“Jim Jones Deception!” – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth 3-1-18

“Jim Jones Deception!”
A Prophetic Message
Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

On 2-27-18 during my prayer time the Father spoke to me a very strong and unusual word. It is a warning to those who are living in the world of a false prophetic narrative, that declares America will be great again, and all is well on this Titanic we call the Divided States of America. I know there are those who will scoff at this word, and be critical of me saying that I am unsupportive of the present political circus that we are currently watching in Washington. You are correct! I have not backed down, even when people left me, and stop supporting my work for the Kingdom. They said evil things against me, but yet I continued to plow, never looking back, always loving them, but hating they were (and still are) deceived.
Many believers today are on very shaky, and dangerous ground. They have been fooled into believing that there is a political and human solution to the sin-soaked condition of mankind that has gone mad! How insane to think and believe that a political entity could turn a sewage truck on a dime, when they themselves are part of the same sewage! Yet it happened in America, and the false Hananiah prophets of our day succeeded in seducing a lazy and lethargic church into believing a lie. Some will say to me, that they that have the right to their opinion, they can vote, support, and believe what they want. (please don’t try the lesser of two evil narrative on me, we were force fed Trump but many didn’t want to believe that). This is true in a democracy, void of God, but not in this Kingdom. There is only His way in the Kingdom of God. You do not have the right nor the ability to pick, choose, and define TRUTH. Nor do we have the right to declare and define what sin is, and how the Father views it. It is what it is because the BIBLE says so. Our carnal opinion dies at the door of TRUTH! But we don’t care about truth because we are puppets lead by puppet masters that sit in multimillion dollar edifices called churches! I can hear the minions say, “Who are you to lead us Pastor You Tube!?” How dare you speak against the Great OZ!
We have become so prideful and stiff necked, that we sought counsel of unproven, unbridled prophets of Babylon who sold us a lie of trinkets, and bliss without sacrifice. Another American dream shattered by the reality of the End Times. But we told you so, at our hurt and cost of relationships, revenue, and respect. This is not an essay of woe is me, but woe unto you! Woe unto those who are not preparing for the calamity of calamites to befall this nation. Woe unto you who are not teaching your digitally induced comatose children to prepare for their life to change forever. Woe unto to you for not seeking the Father’s counsel about these prophetic charlatans who have raped you of your senses, discernment, and good old common sense! Woe unto to you that have followed the right wing, Alternate media that is full of conspiracy, click bait entertainment, and a false utopia poison that has altered your reality! Woe unto to you that have severed your relationship with those who can and will help you during the great floods of judgment that are cascading down the Candy Cane Lane of our make-believe world! Woe unto to you that follow the voices of deception because its easier to swallow a lie than it is to accept the truth, and prepare for a crash landing! Woe unto to you that have vomited on the truth because you refuse to accept the hour we living in as fact! Woe unto to you that have mislead and lead astray the innocent by promoting “prophetic words” and “breaking news”, which were no more than breaking wind of putrid lies and distraction. Woe unto you that have fallen for every disinformation script that was sent your way, as you peddled it as truth, without a shred of evidence. Many have become the pied pipers of the Beast System and Matrix, but never cared because clicks, ratings, thumbs up, views, and money, make your polluted world go around! You are a thief! You have stolen time away from God’s people chasing your imaginary rabbits down a hole filled with sewage! Woe unto to you because you counsel the innocent ones to look the other way while their nation is on fire, and the flames are getting closer to their dwelling! Woe unto to preacher and pimp who has raped God’s people and sold them into slavery! Woe unto you for letting them rape you, and never going to the source of all truth which is the Word of God!
I could go on and on but I will spare you the deluge of truth that is so needed. I am sending you, whoever you are, this strong warning to get out of the Jim Jones camp of prophetic entrapment before it is too late. The cups are filled, and are ready to passed out among the gullible and arrogant! Don’t drink the Kool aide, shake yourself from the cultic deception of the false prophets! There is an antidote, it is called the TRUTH! There is time for you to get off this Trump train to nowhere, there is time to free yourself from the web of deceit spun by the Mark Taylor’s of this world! But you must run from this madness, and into the arms of truth, it is right there in front of you. It is called the Living Word of God! The Holy Spirit will lead you unto all truth, and I promise you it will not lead you to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!
In my closing, I know very well that the name Jim Jones and the recalling of these dark events of our history is strong. But this is how extreme of an hour we are in. This is how much the Father is wanting to warn us. If you do not get out of the camp of these false prophets, you will believe a lie that may cost you and your family their lives. Strong words I know, but I am compiled to warn you. I love you but more than that, the Father loves you and needs you to be an End Time Harvester, not a political whore for the false ecumenical pimps of the American Church incorporated!
Word given to me on 2-27-18
“We (the Church) are entering into a Jim Jones prophetic deception season, where the innocent looking communion is going to turn deadly and destructive for many! You better know what is in the cup, and who made the bread! Read Mark 13
My understanding of the word is this. Those who are in this camp must wake up to truth and get out now. Jim Jones deceived many, and lead them to their death. So are these false prophets, by serving deception laced prophecies. Preaching a tainted gospel, ravenous wolves in sheep clothing, being propped up by those who are making money off of their poisonous tripe! These false prophets are not serving this poisonous communion in the natural but they are making many souls blinded to the truth, and that alone is deadly in this hour!
I know this is strong but if your blinded to the reality of the hour, what will you believe next? I know what you will believe, you will believe that the coming wars and continuous wars are justified! God is on our side, we win no matter our sin! You will believe that our President can do no wrong, as you look away ignoring the shattered mess and trail of deception. I ask you with all of my heart, put the cup down, throw away the bread of deceit, and come back to the Truth, the only antidote that can save you from the poison of false prophets! I love you!!!
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