May 13, 2018


My child, write these words

Oh Jerusalem, how I longed to hold you as a mother hen gathers her chicks. I have chosen you yet you turn your back to Me, chasing other gods. You follow after your own devices and for your rebellion, there is a price to pay. I know you, My children, and I know it is the only way you will return to Me. These judgments are not to harm you but to bring you back to your First Love. At one time, I was your First Love and I will be once again for My remnant I will save. I will destroy all your idols and what is abominable in My sight.

Those who will still be alive, you will see your Messiah, the one whom you have pierced and in weeping and lamentation, you will repent. You will see I have always loved you yet I was bruised, yet I was crucified because of the hardness of men’s hearts. I was a sheep to the slaughter yet I said nothing. I took your punishment and carried your cross and hung on a tree in Calvary to atone for all your iniquities against a Holy Father. You have forgotten Yeshua’s sacrifice so I will bring it to your remembrance. Do not think because you are Jewish that you are automatically saved. Many will never enter into My City called by My Name for you are in rebellion, denying this gift of salvation, in unbelief that I am your Messiah-that I am God.

Children, pray fervently for those in Israel at this time. All My children should be praying for peace in Jerusalem and also children, you need to be in peace with one another—not the false peace soon offered by asatan—but in love for one another. All come from Me; Jew and Gentile will be One under My government—My kingdom where I shall soon reign. How can you say I am not like the Jew or the Jew say I am not like the Gentile? Is there another God that made you separate from one another? NO!!! There is only one Elohim that ALL come from. I created all man. STOP THIS NONSENSE that Jews and Gentiles follow a separate set of laws. My commandments were put in place for ALL mankind; all of mankind was to follow Me, obey Me, live for Me but all have gone astray and there was none good so I had to come to set the captives free. I had to make a way for you to come home to the Father. I love Jews; I love Gentiles!!! I have been calling to all to repent and return. I desire all to love Me as I love you. Let go of all these petty differences and return to Me, your Messiah, your Savior!!

As idols I destroy in Israel, the same shall be done in America and all over the world. One must be stripped naked and bare before Me; otherwise, only a handful would return to me. Idols must go, luxuries removed. Money has become an idol to all so this, too, must go. You will soon see that idolizing man was to NO benefit for you; just a complete waste of precious time. You children will idolize sinful men and women yet you give NO reverence to the ONE who died for you; you DO NOT esteem Me. I should have been the One you chase after, hold in high regard and thank through praise and worship.

Every other god is worshipped and there are millions and they are all about to fall. Who is the only one who can save you? Who is the only Prince of Peace? Who is the only one that is your refuge and your shelter? Who intercedes for you, continually fighting on your behalf? Is it man? Is it your car, house, money, your stars of Hollywood? NO!!! It is I, Yahushua HaMasiach that gave My all for you. This came from the deepest part of My heart. My love is that deep—much deeper than you know. My love is not like the love of a man or woman on earth for noone can love as I do. It is only through the Holy Spirit that any mortal can love; can begin to love as I do. Without My spirit, man is incapable of agape love. I am He, I am Love, I am the Song in your heart, I am your Shalom, I am He. It will be MY love working through those given to Me that will bring many home. I am the Light of the World that will light the path My chosen ones will follow.

Without love, you are nothing but to love Me you must be in obedience also. You must submit your will to My Will. You must get rid of your pride, as if you could live the life given to you without Me and do well. You must let go of vain imaginations, stop chasing foolishness.

You were given life; each individual given free will yet each one the story of your life was written. Had you not ventured off through pride and rebellion due to free will, many, many more blessings you would have had in your lives. All veer off My chosen path but all are called to return to the path that leads to everlasting life. I wish none to perish and I have shed innumerable tears over you My children.

I cry out to all even now because I know the beginning from the end and the end from the beginning. There is a wonder Master Plan in place yet most of you cannot see this. You are too busy living as the world, walking with asatan. It is time to come back and walk away from it all. Destruction is the new order of the day so all you are chasing now will be for naught.

All those who repent and return shall be with Me in My kingdom. All will be restored to you. All who repent shall finally have joy, peace, happiness and love no man can ever give. You will have the love you sought your whole life and you will be satisfied. Do NOT give up My love for love of a man or woman on earth and forfeit your salvation over worthless things. Come out of all the lies, adultery, and living against My commands.

Return to your First Love and I will make you Mine; in the kingdom there is room for more. Children, I must warn once again, this door is closing and will be slammed shut sooner than you know so time is of the essence. Do NOT put off and procrastinate; there is no more time to sit back and think about it.

In the blink of an eye, you will not recognize America. Look around you; do you see how things are rapidly changing and this acceleration will continue. There is no place to hide on earth other than to be hidden under the shadow of My wings. I am your Provider, your Shelter, your Only Hope of Salvation!

Last calls now to return; once that door shuts it will NOT be opened again. Look up—I am He, from everlasting to everlasting, King of Kings. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess I am He, the Great I AM.

Will you come? Will you repent? I desire you to be with Me. I desire you for I have always loved you My child. Will you repent daily, sit at My feet and let Me in? I am waiting. Do you hear the cry of My heart calling out to you?

Yahushua HaMasiach

(Given to Ms. Sophie on 5/13/2018)

This Word is self-explanatory and He said to put the song out called “Talk to Me” so please take the time to listen to it. I pray it really moves and touches your heart as it did mine.


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