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Jesus healed me of COVID-19

April 12, 2020 6:11 PM

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is my personal testimony of how Holy Spirit healed me.

I don’t mean to condemn you or call you out. This is just what happened to me. Pray and seek God in your circumstances for He is near.

Its all started with fever. Not huge fever just enough to shiver all the time. It ranged between 98.6 and 100.7.

I had to drink NyQuil every 5-6 hours to keep it down. Weird thing is NyQuil would stop symptoms but fever still remained and after 4 hours when medicine stopped working all symptoms returned. It was horrible.

I lost my scent of smell, then shortly after I lost my taste buds. Anything I tried to eat tasted like steamed grass. Even though I knew that what I am eating are my favorite dishes, they all tasted the same: no flavor, blank taste, no matter how much pepper and hot sauce I put on it.

Then appetite quit working. I was able to skip eating for days and still not feeling hungry. I drank a lot of tea with honey and lemon. Then homemade raspberry vitamin tea and also milk with honey and butter for the throat.

I was coughing very hard and eventually I lost my voice. To say a couple of words cost me huge amount of power.

Then the shortness of breath came and with it extreme anxiety attacks.

My lungs started to fill up with liquid and it became harder to breath. There was not enough oxygen for my body to function properly. I had to learn techniques to come down and slow down breathing to stop anxiety and cough that ripped me up.

Doing anything became impossible task. Just to go to the bathroom 10 steps away was a mission impossible.

Sleeping in bed on two pillows caused cough attacks and I had to move to a recliner chair to keep myself in mostly sitting position and thats where I spent a few days and nights fighting the COVID. I did not get tested and I knew if I go to the doctor they will strap me down to a ventilator. I did not want to go to hospital for anything.

I begun to understand that I don’t have much time left. One quick jump out of bed and I’m done. There was not enough oxygen and my body was panicking uncontrollably.

I reached a point where I was asking God: is this it?

Now, this is not the first time I prayed to Jesus to heal me. From day one of fever I prayed and prayed and prayed some more: Jesus why is this happening to me. I am a Christian and You promised that no virus will ever touch me since I’m washed in Blood of Jesus and all my sins are forgiven.

I asked my family to pray for me. And they diligently prayed, I felt it. Then a few churches brought up a prayer for me and I believe in the power of prayer and miraculous healing. But I wasn’t getting much better.

And on that day I took all my being with all last power that I had and I begged God to answer: why?

What did I do so bad to end up here? I cried and I cried. I felt that was it: my final moments and then suddenly Holy Spirit answered. He came into my room. I felt his presence and I was shaking. He showed me how blind I was. He showed me the idols that I placed in my life unknowingly. Not really thinking what was I doing. My eyes got opened and I started repenting and begging for mercy. I called my wife and told her what Holy Spirit showed me and I asked her to throw away all that is abomination in the eyes of Jesus.

Holy Spirit then showed me my sins that I never even considered anything bad. And when my eyes got opened I finally understood how much it hurts Jesus. Oh, He was so patiently waiting for me all these years and what a mercy to be able to repent here on earth and not be cast out into the lake of fire for eternity.

At this moment of full repentance and thanksgiving I heard His voice. He said: …and the plague was stopped... (Numbers 16:48 NKJV)

This was the moment where I started to breath easier. I believe this is when the miracle happened. After this moment I begun my slow recovery and COVID has no power on repented and washed in the Blood of Jesus person. I really felt like I got Born Again! For real this time.

Doctor put me on antibiotics and strong cough medicine and every day I begun feeling better and better. Slowly my smell returned to me, then taste buds started working again. Thank you Jesus! I felt hunger again and food started to taste awesome. I was getting less and less fevers and then realized I had no fever for two days. Thank you Lord!

It did take couple of weeks to recover from all the damage that COVID caused my lungs but I can feel God’s healing working in my body.

I wanted my healing to work immediately but Holy Spirit said: …My grace is sufficient for you… each day

‭‭(II Corinthians‬ ‭12:9‬ ‭NKJV‬‬)

Oh, Glory be to God Almighty. He still performs miracles today. Hallelujah forever and ever. Oh, how Holy is He and nothing unclean can enter His Kingdom.

Oh, brothers and sisters in Christ if you find yourself in sickness and can’t figure out why, pray with all you got for Holy Spirit to open your eyes and repent, sincerely repent. Don’t wait to get to the final moments of your life. Repent now and live! Live for God, for His Kingdom, for His Glory.

This is my story. I did not want to share it but Holly Spirit kept me awake last night until I typed up this testimony under His guidance. Maybe it will wake someone up and they repent before its too late.

With Love

Your brother in Christ



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