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Jesus Christ is God

10/30/19 10:29 AM


Word received 10-30-16

And toward the end of the day, the Lord called me to my face in prayer… “Inspect the wounds” He declared so I did…holes in His hands feet and side all present, “you may look up if you wish” at which point I was able to lift my gaze to the brilliant countenance of His face, at which time I received in Jesus mighty name, Jesus Christ is God.

Thus says the Lord of Hosts, the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob in the mighty name of Jesus…
“Many who taunt me and my people declaring that I am not here and that my people are forsaken and blind in nations where I have scattered them are treading water in quicksand with finished stone chained to their feet. Many say that I am dead and many try adamantly to pull their eye lids over their chins in futile attempt at not seeing what is right before their eyes. Ramming your fingers in your ears and sewing your eyes shut does not remove the club that swings violently towards your face…it allows your ignorance to make an easy target of you. Does the speeding arrow cease to strike it’s mark when it’s mark covers his eyes? Does a torrential rain fall cease it’s melodious descent simply because you extend an umbrella? no. Just as your denial doesn’t negate the truth.

I have chosen my servant Israel with whom I am well pleased in the earning of the title servant and with my servant I have measured out my new courtyard which I will call mine. With all prophecies fulfilled and players in place, it is time for me to step up from my holy dwelling.

Babylon, I have a special arrow for you. What my servant didn’t claim solely in My mighty name, I will use my right heal to crush the serpent at its head. And before the death rattle of snake I will come down with the full might of my right fist, followed very swiftly by my left fist. Babylonian idols will fall and those who sacrifice on the alter of baal will have him who will not keep them safe when my judgement descends. As I step from my holy dwelling know that I alone am the Lord who breathed breath in your nose, and it is I who will remove it just as swiftly with the armies I have raised to exact my justice. As surely as my name is the Lord, I step up for sure and absolute purpose”

in Jesus mighty name I declare, Jesus Christ is God…

end message…(Tst5)


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