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Jesus’ Blood Type, The Serpent’s Venom Plus Related Dreams – Michelle Katherine Orts

Jesus’ Blood Type, The Serpent’s Venom Plus Related Dreams

April 12, 2022 4:49 PM
Michelle Katherine Orts

Tuesday, April 12th, 2022

Dear 444 Prophecy444News/Jonathan,

Jesus gave me a Revelation prompted by a dream. Its about Jesus Blood type. The O- (negative) RH- (negative) Blood type is the ONLY Universal Blood type which can be given to anyone of any blood type without causing harm. As it is in heaven so it is on earth. Jesus’ Blood Eternally cleanses us from all sin. And I believe based upon what Jesus has shown me that Jesus’ natural blood type, human blood also was capable of cleansing and causing no harm. Only O- (negative) RH -(negative) blood is scientifically capable of being given to anyone of any blood type to replace infected or missing blood.

I have also previously been shown by Jesus that the “V” aka Satan’s Mark of The Beast, contains venom, specifically the molecular structure of Cobra Venom. Per Jesus’ Holy Spirit’s direction, I have included two other not yet published, archived, past related dreams as well.

In the world, DR. Ardis just publicly confirmed a highly specific scientific fact regarding snake venom, specifically Cobra Venom, being present in the mRNA/DNA genetic modification, gene altering vaccines. The Cobra Venom is the source of the S-Spike protein behind the inflammatory conditions, and in some cases, fatal outcomes, in which the “jabs” are causing much destruction and complete havoc in humans around the world. This medical information was just publicly released, to my knowledge, today. But my previous fore-knowledge was based solely on Jesus’ Holy Spirit’s Words of Knowledge and Gift of Revelation predates this worldly public acknowledgement of scientific fact

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I am submitting this Dream and Revelation from Jesus to you for your prayerful review and for publishing.

In King Jesus’ Service and in Jesus’ Holy Agape Love,


Dream Word Title: Jesus’ Blood Type and The Serpent’s Venom given to me by Jesus Himself
Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove and wife to my loving husband Revrrend/Pastor David Orts

There are some dreams which are extremely hard to encapsulate in words. I had such a dream this morning. I am praying for Jesus’ Holy Spirit’s Anointing to be upon these words as I write them and as you read them. All for Jesus’

In this Dream from Jesus I saw myself outside myself yet I still remained within myself. It was as if there were multiple camera views of a scene and one camera lens was viewing my personal view from my physical eyesight and another was outside of me yet within my close surroundings, observing and recording my every observable move.

I saw my own physical arms through my own physical eyes. Both of my arms were a solid china white in color with no perceptible veins or markings of any kind.

In reality, my skin tone is naturally Olive toned. My heritage includes both multiple European nations and Iroquois Delaware and Iroquois-other Native American ancestry. I found I may have Jewish ancestry also, though I refuse to take any DNA, 23 and me or any other genetic gathering or analysis tests as I believe the end goal of third-party genetic gatherers are ultimately nefarious in nature. I believe The Fallen are searching for specific genotypes to tamper with and to ultimately destroy.

I then saw a black and silvery metallic web, a microscopic, nano-sized yet gigantic, mesh net attempting to attack me and every other human on the face of the earth.

End of dream.

Jesus has given me insight on this and a surprising Revelation about The Blood of Jesus. I believe this Revelation is A Gift to The Remnant for The Celebration and Rembrance of Holy Passover is soon to be upon us. Passover begins on April 15th, 2022 in USA and extends to April, 21st, 2022 in Israel.

I believe the black silvery mesh net in my dream to represent the attempted, wicked, Satanic, demonic infiltration and genetic manipulation, alteration and total desire to usurp the Divinity of the human race at a genetic level and ultimately at an eternal spiritual level. The black silvery mesh net represents Implementation of The Beast System. Iron mixed with Clay. Fallen Angels once again mingling their seed *DNA with men. The Mark of The Beast is being implemented, Satan is attempting The Final War of Stealing Souls, by forcing all mankind to follow, worship, honor and obey, give an oath to: The Beast, Satan and The False Prophet. This is a global War against ALL the Saints of God. Jesus will return to rescue Israel and all Saints on The Last Day. Upon Warrior King Jesus’ Return, First The Resurrection of The Dead then those of us still alive who remain will be “caught up” and transformed in a twinkling of an eye.

But not before The Tribulation of those days.

Invitation. Please read my other posts here on 444ProphecyNews, share as led by Jesus and pray for discernment and Holy Wisdom on this topic. You might like to read more on the topic The Mark of The Beast: Abomination of Desolation, Do Not Take The Jab and Yes. It’s The Mark of Lucifer, The Beast Satan.

Holy Spirit is prompting me to ask myself and to urge others to inquire about your own selves, if you don’t already know, “What is my blood type?” In my case and for childbirth reasons, I already am extensively familiar and remain permanently curious about mine. I am O- RH- and my six natural born children are all miracles. I will withhold further details for now until Jesus releases me to share, if He ever does I do not know at present.

A quick basic primer on human Blood types.

There are four main blood types that most are familiar with.

A, B, AB and O

There are both (+) and (-) varieties of both with recessive blood phenotypes possible which is similar to how eye color is genetically passed down, with Recessive or Dominant genes, to a child in the miraculous process of conception and creation by The Breath of God. Life= Power of God= Eternal Light shining upon the two sexes: male and female, both ovum and sperm. These are called gametes. I am no expert in any medical field. I am however generally inquisitive and Jesus’ Holy Spirit has led me and continues to lead me into researching, sometimes very deeply, a variety of historical facts in many different facets of our human lives. I have learned that many things have been hidden and suppressed from us as a general rule.

Creator God leaves His fingerprints everywhere. God’s Word confirms what God has declared in Creation itself. Humans are the ultimate Masterpiece though our sins and rebellion, eternal and physical decay, pain and death initiated by the fall of Adam and Eve, through Rebellion and Sin through Satan’s Prideful influence, have caused unnecessary death and destruction to humanity as a whole for generations.

The Blood of Jesus is necessary to cleanse us, mankind, from all sin. Jesus being both one hundred percent human, perfect in every way, never sinning, never rebelling, and being also one hundred percent Creator God, Eternally present, all knowing, Just, Merciful, Holy and Incomparable, knew and knows us, humanity at every level.

Molecular, chemical, spiritual. Temporal and Eternal. Humans are created in Creator God’s Image.

Jesus bled blood.

Jesus bled.

Jesus’ Blood is Holy, Sinless, perfect blood.

Jesus’ Blood perfects our Blood, our hearts, our souls, our minds and our spirit man, our Eternal spirit, for all Eternity, if we receive Jesus’ Blood Jesus’ Sacrifice confessing our sins and repenting turning toward Jesus to save us then Jesus is Merciful to forgive us and to cleanse us from all wrong.

Ron Wyatt, a layman archaeologist who found Noah’s Ark and many other Biblical historical finds was led by Jesus’ Holy Spirit in his many miraculous discoveries. Wyatt allegedly found, located and took samples of material at a specific site in Jerusalem on The Skull of Golgatha, on the hill where both Goliath was slain by King David and JESUS The King of The Jews, The Son of God layed down His Own Life and was Crucified.

The Prophet Jeremiah allegedly, historically, had secretly hidden The Ark of The Covenant in a sealed cave and it is possible this location where the Holy Blood of Jesus poured down, seeping into the earth and dropped upon the literal Mercy Seat between the Two Cherabim, upon The Holy Ark of The Covenant which was carried upon the shoulders of The Chosen Levitical Priests. Everything was done in accordance with The Law of Moses under penalty of death, until Jesus showed us all true Mercy Mercy by Jesus’ own Holy Sinless Blood.

Wyatt had taken the material found to an Israeli lab. The material was tested and there was blood found upon this ancient sample. It was dried and thought to be certainly 100% dead blood. It was thousands of years old. Specifically 2000 years old. When the blood was placed under the microscope and some neutral hydration was added, the blood itself, The Blood found upon The Mercy Seat of The Ark of The Covenant, came alive!

The Blood of Jesus is still present on this earth, both physically and spiritually. Jesus’ Holy Blood saves us, heals us, restores us, cleanses us. There is no other name by which we can be saved.

Satan wants to corrupt our blood. Satan wants to inject his satanic, demon seeded genetic material directly into the veins of humanity by mandatory compulsion. This is why the entire world has been genetically subjected to the mRNA (DNA) modifications. The “V,” the “Vaccine(s),” CV, COVID, COVID-19, from Alpha varient to the Omega varient and every varient in between from Delta to Omicron. These Greek named genetic weapons are meant to destroy our Blood, human blood from the inside out. From the human Body to the outmost part of us in our souls and spirits.

Decline. Refuse. Do not allow yourself or your loved ones to be marked by The Serpent’s Venom.

I did some Holy Spirit led scientific research a few months ago and then stopped. It was too much for me to humanly bear. Jesus is telling me that I must now share this with all of you my Remnant Brothers and Sisters in Yeshua Ha Mashiach. Jesus The Messiah tells me to tell you this.

The mRNA DNA Vaccine(s) contain the SAME molecular structure as is found in COBRA VENOM!!! Look it up yourselves. Human babies were born alive, kept alive in refrigerators in labs and then dissected alive merged their blood, their brain stems, their organs with synthetic, alien parasitical life and chemical molecular composition OF COBRA VENOM, a myriad of insects including LOCUSTS’ DNA, athropods, arachnids (spiders) and a host of other ungodly chimeric hybridizations of literal “mice and men” mingling. All this has been done and is continuing to be done in covert “black” labs around the world under the contested but still allowed “gain of function” research in a myriad of countries. Many nations are involved. The Fallen have hijacked medical “science.” Their focus has always been on the blood, types of blood.

There is either presence of a specific plethora of antigen(s) noted by a positive symbol (+) or an absence of antigen(s) which remains either blank or has a negative symbol (-) The usual focus is on the presence or absence of The D antigen in relation to the RH or RHESUS factor and generally defined in association with the wrongly conflated blood typing similarity of the discovery of the RH (-) versus (D)(+) antigen factor present in Rhesus, or Mecacque monkeys. I believe the general accepted medical terminology, which is defacto, Darwinian, in nature, is used to mislead and to confuse humans as to our true origins. We are all created in The Image of One Triune, Eternal, Perfect and Loving, Holy God NOT monkeys nor any other “Beast” type, chimeric or hybridized creature.

In World War II, Hitler wanted to create the “perfect blue-eyed blonde haired” stereotype. Why? Why are genotypes and phenotypes, blood types, why are they important to the Fallen Angels and to their Satanic, Cabal, globalist alliances of evil-minded men and women?

AB- RH- are considered Universal Recipients. A person with AB-blood can receive any blood type and that person can live but AB- can not be a blood donor to anyone else with a different blood type.

O- negative RH- are considered Universal Donors.A person with O- RH- Blood type can be given to anyone and they will be able to live. O- has no antigens. People with O- blood types are considered to be Universal donors but they will DIE if given any other blood type but their own.

Jesus Christ The Son of God born to the Virgin Mary and adopted and raised by his earthly father Joseph, born in Bethlehem and raised by that same Joseph and Joseph’s wife, Mary to be a Carpenter in Nazareth, allegedly according to the lab’s testing of the sample provided by Ron Wyatt and also a separate analysis of The Shroud of Turin, Jesus allegedly had RH – blood. The exact type is still disputed to be either AB- or O-. Again, I am no expert and I urge everyone to do their own research and to prayerfully inquire directly to Father God, ask Jesus and His Holy Spirit to show you each The Truth about all things. I believe Jesus had to have O- (negative) RH- (negative) blood as this is the ONLY Blood which can be given to all blood types in times of need. And Jesus received on the cross all the corruption, sin and harm unto Himself, taking all the SINS= Satan’s VENOM upon Himself. Jesus was, is and always will be Perfect, Sinless. Jesus is our ONLY Salvation Jesus’ Blood is our ONLY remedy.

I was waiting for confirmation to share this Dream and Revelatory Word. Dr. Ardis has come out and stated today, April 12th, 2022 that the mRNA (DNA) COVID “vaccines” contain COBRA VENOM itself. Jesus originally told me about this secret in December 2021 but the post was not published. God wants the Truth to be shared about everything, particularly that Jesus is The Only Way to receive Salvation.

All Glory goes to God always in Jesus’ Holy Name. Seek God for confirmation for yourself.

Jesus is The Truth and The Way and there is no other way to Heaven!

Trust in Creator God Jesus alone!

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Date: Saturday, August 22, 2020
Subject: 5:47PM CST Saturday August 22nd 2020

Prophetic Dream Title: Spoon Weapon -MKO

5:47PM CST Saturday August 22nd 2020
Prophetic Dream Title: Spoon Weapon -Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove and wife to my loving husband Revrrend/Pastor David Orts

In my dream I saw a silver large serving spoon turn into the head of a poisonous snake. It looked like a cobra. I was supernaturally kept from being afraid at what I just saw as I instantly heard The Voice of My Lord God Savior and King say, “They will use food as a weapon.” Before I could properly comprehend what My Lord God and King Jesus had spoken and had shown me, He then told me who would do this. It was a manipulation of the name Tesla into: Tetra, Tretras and Tetrans and possibly more twisted alternative spellings. The name and versions of the name represented Beast Governments that would emerge as “do-gooders” in another global crisis. This next time during another wave of “The Fallen Angel Virus 2.0 or The Fallen Ones Virus 2.0” there will be a global food shortage. The food shortage will have been manufactured by the very same ones who offer solutions to the “famine.”

Call to Action: This is a warning dream from the Lord Jesus to stock up now on long-lasting protein, fat, nutrient rich food items as well as prophylaxis medication such as ivermectin, doxycycline, vitamin C or quercetin plus zinc and D3, to continue to protect ourselves and loved ones from a second much stronger version of “The Fallen Angel Virus” aka SARS-2 Coronavirus & COVID-19 and the global food shortage which is incoming.-MKO

Prayer. Father God Lord God and King Holy Spirit Creator and Ruler above over everything, Thank You for loving us Your Children so much that You warn us ahead of time of what You Omnisciently KNOW will happen. Help David and I to warn as many people as possible in order to Save and Protect Eternal Souls for Eternity in Heaven with You. Please grant us Wisdom, Favor, Grace and Provision and help us, Strengthen us to willingly and Joyfully Obey You always in all things. Love your weak but willing daughter, prophetess, dreamer, visionary, seer, scribe and most importantly Your friend, Michelle Katherine Orts

Finished writing @ 6:37PM CST Saturday August 22nd 2020
Prophetic Dream Title: Spoon Weapon Received from Jesus by Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove and wife to my loving husband Reverend Pastor David Orts

and one more

Friday, May 28, 2021

Prophetic Vision, Dream & Insight Thursday May 27th 2021 11:00PM CDT received from Jesus to His Daughter Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove

Dream Title: “Aphophygus”

Prophetic Vision, Dream & Insight Thursday May 27th 2021 11:00PM CDT received from Jesus to His Daughter Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove and wife to my loving husband Reverend Pastor David Orts

Dream Title: “Aphophygus”

Finished writing down Prophetic Vision, Dream and Revelation. Friday Fasting Day @5:55AM CD

Before I fell asleep, I had a waking vision and I called out to my husband David to bear witness to it for me so that I could go on then directly to sleep. The vision was this. I saw metal train wheels aflame on the tracks. I knew a train was on fire. I saw a Cowboy hat and knew it meant Texas somewhere, possibly Dallas or Austin or both, but I do not know where any or all of the trains run in the state of Texas. I next saw President Trump involved somehow. He was being rushed to safety.

When I went to sleep The Holy Spirit of Lord Jesus took me (whether physically or in the spirit I do not truly know) to Washington, DC. In my dream it felt like I was physically on location. All my physical senses were active. I was allowed to see and hear supernaturally what is affecting our nation in the spirit realm. It is an ancient female serpent and cat, both mixed together. It is an ancient demonic false “god” which was worshipped and adored in Egypt in the time of Pharoah and Moses when God parted the Red Sea to save His Hebrew Abrahamic Children and His nation of Israel. The same spirit which controlled and influenced The Egyptian Pharoah and The Babylonians is here, right now upon earth, attempting to enslave every Child of God. But Jesus is stronger. Jesus Holy Spirit has conquered all evil, all witchcraft, sorcery and every foul wicked thing by The Holy, Blameless Blood of The Lamb.

Prayer. I plead the Blood of Jesus upon myself, every family member, upon this Prophetic Vision, Dream and upon all previous and subsequent Revelations that I receive and share with USA and the nations of the world. I plead the Blood of Jesus Protection upon everyone who reads or shares this or any of my visions, dreams or Revelations. I give all Glory, Honor and Praise always in all ways, to Jesus The Holy Lamb of God in the flesh. Jesus is my all in all. Father, Son and Holy Spirit are One Triune God. The Only True God. Jesus is The only Way to Heaven to get to Our Father God, we must recognize and worship in spirit and in truth with all our hearts, minds and souls, Jesus Yeshua Ha Mashiach is God in the flesh. His Children are Saved by Faith through Grace and not by our own efforts. Hallelujah. Precious is Jesus Our Savior God and King of Kings Forever!

In my dream, I was now in the spirit, and I was also somehow physically standing in Washington, D.C. It was nighttime and I was standing at what was shown to me to be an Ancient Stone Wall which reached chest high to me. I am five foot two and a half inches tall. The wall was much higher but its height had been deeply buried beneath the streets and land of the city of DC. It had been buried and hidden and was covered with black soot as if it had been scorched with fervent fire and smoke. It had been uncovered and resurrected. In the distance I could see what appeared to be the front of what looked to be The Capitol building but I knew it was somehow also used as The First Original White House in Ancient Days on earth. The scene, dimly lit by the moon and stars and possibly additionally illuminated by some streetlight candle wicks or gas powered glow, was situated about a football fields length away. I was looking with my natural human visual eyesight capacity to view without any electronic or other means such as binoculars or such.

Then directly in front of me, straight ahead, about a foot away from me, on top of this wall which was solidly fixed made of black charred stone, sat what looked to me to be, a harmless, beautiful, house sized but large, long-haired Persian cat.

In real life, I love most cats, and in this dream I admired the beauty of this cat and wanted to stroke its soft: white, tan, black and bronze tinged multi-colored plush fur coat. So I did. I pet the animal thinking it was someone’s house pet outside for a stroll. There was no collar however but the cat was well fed and groomed and looked like it belonged to a royal owner of some prestige. It looked like a long hair Persian Calico cat, so I knew it must most likely be a female cat since almost all Calico cats are female for genetic reasons. Suddenly, The Spirit of the Lord Jesus informed me that that this wasn’t just a cat. The information being given to me coincided with the sudden and shocking, cat’s transformation into a dark ancient living black serpent and then the serpent quickly changed into an ancient Egyptian figure of a cat in solid stone of sand which remained still and lifeless for a moment and then began to move. The lifeless, tan sandstone cat figure then swallowed it’s own tail and remained unchanged until I looked away in astonishment uncertain of the meaning of what I had just seen. Then once more the cat was reverted back to its original state without me witnessing the transformation. The cat was indeed luxuriously beautiful and it moved me to desire to pet its fur once again. As I reached towards it, I heard the Spirit of The Lord reminding me, telling me of its true nature. God directly warning me (His Servants) to not trust our physical senses at all.

Insight from Jesus’ Holy Spirit. In order for us, The Remnant, to perceive true danger, both physical and spiritual in these last days, we must lean on Jesus’ Holy Spirit’s Understanding and NOT lean on our own understanding, ever. It may be life or death for us in the Time of Great Trouble directly ahead. Our minds and recent memories must be fully submitted and filled with Holy Scripture and with the Purifying, Cleansing Fire of God by daily surrender and inviting Jesus’ Holy Spirit to Walk and Talk with us. Don’t trust natural feelings or senses. Ask God for His Holy Wisdom, Fearing God with Reverential Awe. Do not fear being killed by anyone. But instead fear the One Who is able to kill the soul of man. That is The One True TRIUNE Creator God.

Still in my dream, I then perceived an Angelic battle above the DC Capitol but I am not allowed to remember details because I am not allowed to share it, at least not now.

Right before I woke up The Angel of The Lord Jesus spoke a word to me to up and to research and to share: I had never heard this word before. Jesus said, “Aphophygus”

Thank You Lord Jesus for You reveal all things hidden and you do nothing before first revealing it to Your Servants The Prophets. All Glory to You my King, my Lord God and Savior and my friend. Please keep President Donald Trump, his family and all who support and loyal surround them safe. Please put a stop to any death or destructive plans of the enemy regarding trains in Texas or anywhere else in the USA or the world. Help us to help bring in the End Time Harvest of Souls help us to be called, “Good and Faithful Servants” upon your Return. Give us strength dear Father God. Anoint and appoint us Your Remnant. Save our Endtime Family? Love you, Your Daughter, Michelle Katherine Orts wife to husband Reverend David Orts.

Finished writing down Prophetic Vision, Dream and Revelation. Friday Fasting Day @5:55AM CDT

Note: I am continuing to research the word Aphophygus that Jesus gave to me. I am researching with possible alternate phonetic spellings.

Aphophis= Fallen Angel Rafael

Aphophis connected to Egypt’s pagyes revealing the inferiority of The Pharaoh’s and the Egyptian’s pagan false gods:

Aphophis=Wormwood in Bible

Insight to “Aphophygus” with possible alternate phonetic spellings:

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