Jesus’ Birthday “Tell those whom I love” – Steve Holmes


Jesus’ Birthday “Tell those whom I love”

December 25, 2020 8:04 PM
Steve Holmes

December 25, 2020

I asked Jesus if there was anything he wanted me to share from him this morning (I am a prophet- that’s what prophets do). He said, “Tell the people that I love them and though some worry that it is not exactly my birthday, the exact day doesn’t matter. I know their hearts and I greatly appreciate them celebrating my birth and sending their love to me by loving one another.”

He also says, “I long to spend eternity with each of you and yes, I really do hear all of your prayers and I am honored to answer each of them in the absolute best way possible. So do not become discouraged if it seems like I don’t hear or answer your prayers because nothing could be further from the truth. There are many things to consider for each prayer, and I consider all things and do what is best for all of my children. I love hearing your prayers at any time and much is accomplished because of your prayers. You will see that clearly when you are in heaven with me.”

“I love you all so very much, my family! You are my dear, precious children! Love one another even as I have loved you, and look up! I am coming soon for my chosen vessels who have made themselves ready for me at my appearing. Be holy, my sons and daughters- do not become entangled with the world: it is under my judgment as you shall soon see, for the stench of corruption has reached as high as my nostrils and I am done tolerating it.”

“The hour is late and harvest fields are ripe. Be bold and I will give you portions of my field to harvest, which will bring great pleasure, joy, honor and glory to my house.”

“Continue to seek me with all of your heart and you shall surely find me, my beloved. I make myself available to all who sincerely seek my face.”

“Thank you again for acknowledging my birth and enjoy your celebrations”

Your loving savior,


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