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Jeremiah Chapter 16: Not For The Faint Of Heart – Anonymous
Rembrandt - Jeremiah lamenting

Jeremiah Chapter 16: Not For The Faint Of Heart

October 26, 2020 4:50 PM

Received October 24, 2020

America has sat like a woman enthroned, among other nations, for many generations. It has taken this for granted. The people believe it is only right and just that she ruled the Free World. They became lazy and fat, proud and rebellious. They do not care to hide their shame anymore. And Repentance is not an option.

The people of America were lulled to sleep, slowly with comfort, wealth, luxury, perversion and then exhaustion…slowly each stage was introduced. The people did not reject the filth but allowed it to fester and grow. All the Laws of God were overturned.

A murderous spell of sex, drugs, rock & roll, witchcraft was lowered on the people, like a net over the birds, unaware. Too late… the beast system has snared the people of America. Now the end is here, My Children. Some have gone so far as to say “So what, each to his or her own!”

The youth are destroyed, those new born in the womb murdered, the aged abandoned or euthanized, the sick liquidated, the physically challenged treated like vermin. I AM have seen it all! I AM will destroy your Tower of Babel!

Read JEREMIAH Chapter 16 Verses 1 – 21
And Shudder, It Was Administered To Israel And Now Comes To Your Door America! Knock! Knock!

The Holy Spirit repeatedly asked me to add this partial quote on the prophet Jeremiah:

“In a time of political threat, Jeremiah’s continuing message to the people was the coming of God’s Judgment. Jeremiah was a prophet during the period that led into the Babylonian exile. He warned of the consequences of forsaking God, but he also pointed to new life and restoration.”

The Complete Bible Handbook: An Illustrated Companion, by John BOWKER,

taken from a chapter titled, The Book Of Jeremiah, Page 206.



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