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Jacobs Well Pierces The Firmament: Things That Must Shortly Come To Pass

February 17, 2021 3:23 PM

The clouds roll across the horizon: “There will be signs in the sun and moon and stars.” How often do you look at the sky? The frenetic pace of your lives has placed you on a treadmill, that never stops turning. The evil one wants you to be so distracted, there is no time for Me, in your lives at all.

Starting last March with the first Lockdown, this was an opportunity to reconnect with your God. To Pray, Read Scripture and Praise God. To spend more time with your loved ones. How many took advantage of this evil design, to turn it into a time for Family, God and the four last things: Death, Heaven, Hell and Eternity. Sadly, too few…TV, Internet, Cell Phones, Video, Movies, Social Media, On-Line Shopping Ruled.

A new year rolled around and many placed their trust and hopes in a man, to save the day. But the minions of satan had other plans that unravel now, at a quickening pace. Because you have abandoned your God collectively, I AM is withdrawing My Hand off this world. You will increasingly experience the darkness of your own choices. You people are Pro-Choice, so I AM will let you live the consequences of the laws enacted by the slaves of the evil one. The jaws of death slowly close over the entrapped prey, the noose tightens, the vice closes. The sun can not pierce the blanket of evil that is descending over your world. The agitation is felt in the animal kingdom and the earth itself moans, for the blood soaked land can only hold so much war, hate, death and murder.

So many of the people of this generation will go to perdition, for the lie that is being promulgated by your government leaders and the corporate elites, regarding the blessed and eternal virus, that those that cling to their Creator God, who shelter under His Wings; these blessed Children will only get over the horror, when they enter into the Kingdom as The Bride. For then all the regrets, loss, tears, sadness, frustration, loneliness, adversity and shock of watching the damned go to their reward, will disappear as a vaporous cloud vanishes in a golden sunset, of Love, Peace, Joy, Forever and Ever. I AM WILL SHORTLY INTERVENE! AMEN.


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