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IT’S TIME TO GO UNDER – Victoria Ang



July 5, 2020
Victoria Ang


Last night I received an ENCOURAGING prophetic dream. All GLORY AND HONOR ONLY TO OUR LORD:

In the dream I found myself standing directly behind a MASSIVE CLYDESDALE horse. In the dream I was made aware I needed to go under it but was not yet allowed. An unknown man ( God) came and got me and held my hand and said “IT’S TIME TO GO UNDER “ we entered under the MASSIVE HORSE( represents the MIGHTY POWER OF THE LORD). As we entered ,off to my left side I saw three refrigerators. The unknown man ( God) took me over to the refrigerator and opened the first refrigerator which held a large storage of meat .( The three represents the FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT)

The scene changed and I was being led out to a MASSIVE stadium. An unknown man ( represents angel) came out and was carrying a LARGE STACK of “home mats”. And handed them to me. I picked them up with ease and threw them up to the top section of the bleachers and watched them fly threw the air. (This was done with SUPERNATURAL POWER as the mats weighted many hundreds of pounds.And just to lift them in real life would be impossible.)

More mats were brought out and I went to different areas carrying them.And did the same thing of throwing them to different areas.

The scene changed again and I found myself entering a train that was being self driven ( driven by the Holy Spirit) as I sat in this train I looked out the window and saw that Clydesdale horse running right next to the train as I was departing in the train. And the dream ended.


The Lord is showing the closeness in time for those that will be helping bring in the final harvest . Working UNDER the POWER AND STRENGTH OF THE LORD. Being led and guided by him.Being sustained in ABUNDANCE by the( “MEAT OF HIS WORD “)

Through translocation and SUPERNATURAL POWER “SOME will be CARRIED and FLOWN to various HOMELANDS and other areas and regions to help do Gods work. Angels will be right there helping keep us protected.To help the MASSES that will GATHER .(stadium )


I was given these scriptures:

Hebrews 5:14, KJV: “But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.”

Deuteronomy 12:20 King James Version (KJV) 20 When the Lord thy God shall enlarge thy border, as he hath promised thee, and thou shalt say, I will eat flesh, because thy soul longeth to eat flesh; thou mayest eat flesh, whatsoever thy soul lusteth after.

Romans 14:2 King James Version (KJV) 2 For one believeth that he may eat all things: another, who is weak, eateth herbs.

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  1. Only A Grain Of Sand

    There is a practical in reality side to the part of the dream/word regarding mats and the stadium. God will enlarge the space to allow the number the people He has chosen for each Refuge (in His Will & time) and some will have stadiums built by angels in them for the thousands that walk into the Refuge from the destroyed cities and towns. Praise God Forever!

  2. Irmã. Tive um sonho semelhante que até acho que postei. A minha interpretação para o seu sonho é diferente.
    Primeira parte – 3 geladeiras, 3 anos, como as vacas de José. A primeira está cheia de carne (alimento, dinheiro, coisas materiais). Não me falou das outras duas arcas, como é que elas estavam, foram abertas?
    Segunda parte – Os tapetes pesam libras e viste-os voar. Assim vai acontecer com a economia, vai cair, voar pela janela, pelo espaço. Por muito que se tente guardar não dá.
    Terceiro – um comboio movimenta-se, assim segue também o cavalo. O cavalo já saiu e está a cavalgar com a mesma velocidade que viu no comboio.
    Deus me deu um sonho muito semelhante. No primeiro havia muito dinheiro, as crianças brincavam com ele. O segundo veio um rio e levou o dinheiro deixando as crianças sem nada. O terceiro vi o cavaleiro da morte e uma senhora gritava porque o seu filho tinha morrido à fome. Também 3 partes, na generalidade semelhantes. Peço desculpa que estar a reinterpretar, mas acredito que seja isto.
    Um abraço

  3. Victoria

    Interpreting dreams is part of my calling so it is interpreted through the Lord not man God bless

  4. gustolphusadolphus

    This sounds more like a rapture dream to me with the “home”-mats “flying” to some folks and with Jesus traveling right along side as you were “departing”..

  5. gustolphusadolphus

    Victoria, have you given any thought to the idea that the 111 in your “Countdown” dream referred to November 1? And that the 1111 comment made to your post refers to November 11, the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower Compact that Shane Warren believed would end God’s protection of the country? There was a Dispensation of Promise of 400 years prior to the Jews entering the Promised Land, a parallel to us Christians entering Heaven.

  6. Gail Alameda

    I feel it. A quickening in the Spirit that we, his children will do the works foretold in the Word. I have struggled with free watching the violence in the streets of America. But yesterday it just left and was replaced by peace and the assurance that Abb A Father YHVH has it all under control.

  7. Victoria

    Please know this dream does NOT pertain to all. So if the Lord has not shown you anything in regards to helping bring in the final harvest or being given supernatural power and strength . it does not pertain to you !

  8. gustolphusadolphus

    Many have been falsely taught there will be a great revival before the rapture and tribulation when the scriptures plainly tell us there will be a great apostasy before the A/C is revealed, 2 Tim. C.2. John made it very clear the last church would be the Laodicean Church that IS neither hot nor cold but because it IS luke warm that Jesus would vomit out of His mouth, Rev. C.3. When a small part of the church is raptured and the Laodiceans wake up, there may be a great revival for a short period of time but it is more likely they will be looking for food during the coming chaos and invasion. I’m 78 years old and believe the great revival may have already occurred during the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and that was the Philadelphia Church of the same chapter.


    We were given stronger and bigger cars that were very swift to run the race.

  10. Yawchal

    Horses speak of WAR. So when all this chaos and war breaks out, the Lord will lead his true church Under- Underground. There, is where we will find HIS provision. But it will not be for the babes; those who only drink milk, but it will be for those who are mature in the Lord and eat meat

    As to the mats/mattresses we are to rest in him that is where we are to live – in his rest- to rest in Him

    The train moving by itself definitely speaks of that huge power of the Holy Spirit as it moves “under its own steam” While the war/horse is raging alongside the train, we are safe inside as we stay IN HIM and let Him do the driving and be in control. Yes we will see all the ravages of the war outside the windows, but it shall not not come nigh us!

  11. interesting to see as if “unknown man” in your dreams is God. but well….

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