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It’s Time: Civil War in America – Catherine

It’s Time: Civil War in America

The coming of the prophet Elijah

May 31, 2020 5:00 AM
Magd Jesu

This morning about 4.20 (Swiss time) I had a dream.

I saw myself and my son in Greece in the house of my mother (she is 93). My son is 39 but in the dream he was a child of 10 perhaps. He was going to the school and he said to me: I musst go to the prophet Elijah (it should be a school or medical center) to make a test. I asked him, when he had to go there? He gave an answer, so I understood we musst go soon.

I asked me, how we could go there? By bus or I could ask my brother to bring us by car? In this moment a bus drove through the house! I thought, I could take the next bus.

I stood up, to close the door after the bus passed, I looked to the left and to the right and I saw people, suddenly our house was something like a restaurant full with people sitting, eating. I sat at a table with a small book in the hand. In this moment a groupe of women passed by, they were American tourist and the one woman said : i’s time !!!

I said to her : „yes, it’s time for the civil war in America. I spoke so long about this and I just read this booklet about the civil war in America“ and I begun to weep. Normally when I say something negative, many people don’t like to listen but these women sat down at my table.

I woke up and I thought, oh my goodness: it begun. Then I remembered what my son said. He had to go to „the prophet Elijah“ for a test. You know in our countries there are schools or hospitals with the name of saints. Now I understood, the prophet Elijah is coming. He is not far away. He is near. Elijah will come to warn the world and the church and to give us instructions. Ask God for the spirit of discernment, so you’ll not miss him.

I still am surprised about the dream.

I feel so sorry for what is happening in America and soon in all the world. I just read in the newspaper that these Anarchist stoned a man in Dallas.

Brothers and sisters pray, warn and prepare as you can.

Matthew 24, 12-13 And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. But he who endures to the end shall be saved.

Malachi 4,5: Behold, I’ll send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day oft he Lord….

May the God of Elijah protect His people and give us the spirit of Elijah for such a time.

Blessings, Catherine Youtube Videos: Magd Jesu

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  1. bert

    Thank you, Catherine. Our hearts are broken as well… Many of us have cried so many tears that we have none left. Yet we know there are still many, many more tears to come, great heaving sobs of grief, pain, shame and relentless sorrow. The Father’s tears mingle with our own. The Will of the LORD is hard, but we must persevere and shine forth in HIs glory in the midst of sorrows

  2. Wow! Elijah is coming

  3. McKana

    Birth pain, the pain increases and a new baby will be born.
    A time of two times.
    Hope and Despair!

    We hope! Our conversation is with heaven for we wait for our Lord to come!
    Thank you for sharing what you saw.


  4. Thierry

    Hi brothers/Sisters in Christ,
    I had a dream in December 25th 2019 in the morning before 6 am. I saw two people coming down from heaven. I immediately knew in my spirit they were Elijah and Moses and that their ministry is about to start. In front of me was my sister I started shouting at her in a loud voice watch the two prophets or olives trees are coming then the dream ended. Your dream is just a confirmation to what the Lord has shown me. Last year the Lord showed me who is the Elijah. His name is prophet David Owuor from Kenya.

  5. Catherine

    Thierry, the two prophets are coming in the great tribulation in Jerusalem, but Elijah will come alone to warn a last time before Wormwood comes. Don’t mix the two things and excuse me but I don’t believe that Owuor is the prophet. Elijah is not yet here, so give attention, that you are not deceived.


    Catherine. Do you really think two individual persons will be able to witness to the whole world? Is the woman of revelation 12 an individual or a cooperate body of people? And the baby she gave birth to? Think about the Harlot of Revelation 18, The Beast (with several heads and horns) and the false prophet (with two horns) of Revelation 13, Are these individuals or cooperate body of people? Even the serpent has several heads and horns.

    The two prophets are THOSE standing before the God of the Earth. And they also are cooperate body of many people (anointed with the same spirit as Enoch, Elijah, Moses, Zerubabel etc WAS).

  7. Thierry

    Sister Catherine,

    My question is do you think the Elijah to come is going to be the one from the old time (old testament) or God is going to put the spirit of Elijah on whomever he chooses? I agree with you that there’s a lot of deception out there but I’m not the only one after asking God about it. I maybe wrong about him but before saying anything I will ask you if you haven’t done it yet to bring it to the Lord.

    be blessed.

  8. Catherine

    Azeez, don’t forget the 144’000, who will evangelize the whole world in the time of the Antichrist. Two of them will be in Jerusalem. Before Jesus came the first time the Roman Empire was in power, before Jesus comes again, I believe the Roman Empire will be again in power. The fourth Kingdom (Daniel) with the feet of iron and clay. The Roman Cesars Contantine, Justinian, etc. mixed State and Religion. This is my opinion. The beast is a political person, the false prophet a religious.
    I explain some things about the woman in Rev. 12 in my video about the rapture: Endtime: the rapture ? not yet !

  9. Catherine

    Thierry, John the Baptist was an Elijah, but when they asked him, he said: No, because he was not the last Elijah. The last Elijah can be a person like us with the Spirit of Elijah, this is why we musst have the spirit of discernment, so we don’t miss him. Until now the majority of the christians missed the true prophets of God and follow the false prophets. If you go in Youtube and give “Magd Jesu” you find also the video about the prophets. The prophets!

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