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It’s closer than you think – Cherrie Archer

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It’s closer than you think

March 29, 2024 10:24 AM
Cherrie Archer

3-29-24 7am

It’s closer than you think. What is? All things spoken in My word are at this very moment coming together.

Deals made in darkness to control the people in all aspects of life will come to fruition.

Man will be tracked, his whereabouts known at all times through the ‘Mark’ that will be rolled out before long.

Many will be excited to accept this new life giving implant. Man will be healed of diseases the evil one has anchored him with. The promise of relief and freedom will dominate the airwaves.

Man will no longer be inundated with ads for prescriptions to cure ills but the ‘Mark’ that promises rejuvenation from every illness.

All will flock to receive this ‘Mark’ on the hand or forehead.

What isn’t being told is slavery to the Beast begins the moment the ‘Mark’ is applied/inserted. No longer are those who take the ‘Mark’ of the Beast able to repent. Those have freely given their soul to the Devil and sealed their eternal place in Hell.

Man has convinced himself that Hell is not that bad.

I tell you this, the Lake of Fire that rages in torment contains many gnashing their teeth with no relief.

Sins never repented of happen to the sinner repeatedly, never stopping. Those who willfully tormented children in life, will find themselves the subject of the same torment by the demons in Hell.

Like the movie ground hog day, it will never end.

There is no peace, joy, love, only torment.

Those who suffer on earth and take the ‘Mark’ to find relief will in a very short time find there is no relief when dealing with the diabolical.

Open your ears and hear Me now.

The ‘Mark’ not only has the ability to turn off pain but turn off the life of those who have taken it.

Follow the rules, comply, or be turned off. Once turned off Hell awaits. Free will is gone.

The Devil is not playing and does not negotiate with those he has ‘Marked’.

Know your enemy the Devil roams about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

Do Not fall for the trap he will present shortly. All will be revealed in the very near future.

Pray, seek My face, Read My word, Know My word.


Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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