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  1. Awaiting the Day

    Thank you for your Newsletters John. I know you spend a lot of time of them and I appreciate your efforts very much.

    Certainly we must be very close to the beginning of the last seven years of man’s reign on earth, but from my perspective it’s impossible for any of us to know with certainty the timing of these events? We don’t even know for sure the date of our Saviors birth, crucifixion or resurrection. Our calendars are so contaminated and the various translations from Hebrew and Greek to English in 50 some bibles are so inconsistent it’ll drive you crazy trying to figure it all out. The only know two things with absolute certainty regarding the last seven years of man’s reign on earth. I know there are Two Witnesses sent by God to teach the Gospel to the Jews in Jerusalem for 1260 days, and they will be killed and lay on the street for 3 1/2 days, then ascend to heaven. So I know positively that there is a 1260 day period that exists before the Antichrist enters the Jewish Temple, (be it a completed Temple or something else) desecrates it with his image, and claims he’s God. That’s number one. Number two is I know the Antichrist has 1260 to reign unencumbered by God on earth after the abomination to when he is thrown in the “lake of fire.” That’s all I can say with absolute certainty. There is 2560 days from beginning of the ministry of the Two Witnesses to when the Antichrist is thrown into the “lake of fire.” Everything else would be conjecture on my part. To me it makes no difference whether we call this seven year (Hebrew years) period of time the Tribulation or Great Tribulation. Nor does it matter to me when the Seal, Trumpet and Vial judgments occur, or when and how many raptures or harvests there are. All I know is the rapture or harvests are a good thing, and the judgments are all bad, be they natural or man-made, and I want no part of them. Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not being critical of your Newsletter or views because you have just as good a chance of being right as anyone else. Nor do I fault anyone for being interested in these things and trying to figure them out, provided they don’t have a negative effect on others. But for me personally, I’m going to spend most my time studying God’s Word, making sure my house is in order, and preparing myself for Jesus’ arrival, because I know He”.

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