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It will happen soon, So very soon – JeBryan R.

It will happen soon, So very soon.
JeBryan R.

“My son, it will happen soon. So very soon. There is SO LITTLE TIME LEFT…Things are about to change SO VERY FAST in the near future and ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE LEARNED HOW TO WALK CLOSE WITH ME WILL SURVIVE IT.

My sons and daughter get ready for great darkness is about to come to your land. Get ready for I Am about to move but only upon those who are seeking Me. All others will be left alone to their own devices and therefore will be filled with great fear and unrest and savagery and terror and anarchy. Everything will change in an instant and the life you once knew in the morning time will be gone forever by the evening.

I do not tell you these things to cause fear in you for I Am not the author of fear, but I tell you these things that you might continue to move deeper and deeper into Me that you might trust Me and know that I Am God. That you would learn NOW to put your hope in Me.

My sons and daughters, press in NOW. Get close to My heart NOW that you may walk in peace and know My voice that I might guide you and your families without fear.

I will call many of you to the fire that you might show the world My power but will give GREAT GRACE to walk in it and endure it. I will call many of you out to green pastures of peace before it hits that you might be kept safe and hidden. I will call many of you to stand and oppose those that endeavor to spread evil and will give you great strength to overcome them in the power of My might. I will call many of you to pray and intercede for the souls of those that are still in the valley of decision. I will call many of you to speak My Word and My Truth that those who still might hear and understand will do so.

I Am gathering My army now- My faithful ones who have kept themselves awake, alert and waiting for My Call. The roll call has been sounded and it is now time to put on your armor and get ready for battle. The enemy is amassing and so are the armies, battalions, and legions of Heaven. Soon all of my subjects will be called to fight- the Angelic alongside My beautiful and faithful FEARLESS redeemed ones.

My sons and daughters I Am coming back oh so very soon and ALL that is going to matter is: did you answer My Call? Were you ready and found being faithful when My great Day commences- when the line is drawn in the sand and darkness and light collide WHOM WILL YOU SERVE AND WHERE WILL YOU PUT YOUR HOPE AND TRUST?

The culmination of all things is about to be at hand. Seek Me now with all of your heart. Bend you knees your hearts and your ears to Me and relinquish all that is of this world for it will all be stripped away so very soon.

Do not despair but take your joy in Me knowing that I Am making all things new and will reward those with GREAT reward who have left all and forsaken all to follow Me. I Am your great Shepherd and I Am leading My own through the last great Valley and into glorious victory. Find yourself in Me and YOU SHALL OVERCOME…”

Blessings my brothers and sisters in Christ-

JeBryan R.


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