“it will be in winter when there is snow.” – Anonymous

“it will be in winter when there is snow.”

2019/10/18 at 3:32 AM

Given Oct 19, 2014

Iam led to submit these dreams i had in 2015-2016.

In the first part i saw a beautiful gold crown befitting the messiah placed on the table. We were with a bunch of guys who also saw this,and we ran out to prepare ourselves spiritually urgently. In a subsequent scene had audibly by voice, “it will be in winter when there is snow.”

On waking up i knew in my spirit the lord will come in this time frame for the elect. I live in Africa,and i was made aware that the winter mentioned here is that of the western hemisphere. A few days ago,i was watching TV and there was news saying snow has started falling in the northern plains of USA. Now brethren,whether this dream had to do with the transformation of the bride or the actual catching away i do not know.And iam not date setting either,iam just humbling submitting this dream as was given back then.This is to encourage the weary bride of christ that the long awaited time for jesus to come is upon us.Any discerning christian who is an ardent reader of this blog has sensed the urgency of the time we live in, in relation to the messages released lately by his messengers.Have held this crucial dream from then until today when prompted by the spirit to do so.God bless my brothers and sisters.ANONYMOUS

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