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Jennifer Conerly

It Shall Be a New Thing

January 23, 2019 6:21 PM

I recieved this word from our the Holy Spirit on December 19, 2018 while in my daily prayer time.

“I AM not going to do what anyone expects. I do not have to do anything on a festival or appointed time. Time is mine and mine alone. Quit telling me what I will do, you silly people. I laugh at your ideas. The time is ripe but it is still mine. I can send forth my son when I please and it is my choosing. But know this, everything will be according to my word. My word will not return to me void. It will accomplish all that I please. You do not make my word mean anything. I make my word mean something for you.

It shall be a a new thing. You do not expect what I have in store. Keep your eyes on me and I will show you all you need to know.

Be sure the home of your heart is in order because I am coming quickly for my bride. I will bring her out of you, you wicked nation. She is mine and I AM hers. Watch her closely, you lukewarm and unbelievers.

Yes, I said lukewarm. She moves at the sound of my voice, my whisper. She is close enough to hear my whisper.

In her, my covenants are kept. I keep promises. They will not be broken. I AM faithful and true.”

The part of this message that I have focused on is, “It shall be something new.”

A few weeks after I heard this message I dreamt of a pastor whispering in my ear as I rested, “Be careful with those dinosaurs.”

After praying for confirmation of this dream the Lord revealed to me what HE meant by “dinosaurs”.

After the Lord brings about “something new” there will be “dinosaurs” in the church bringing reproach upon it.

What is this “something new” you ask!? I am not exactly sure. However, in the word that the Lord gave me on December 19, 2018 I am promised by HIM that it will be exactly according to HIS word.

Know the word.

Know your bible.

Pray for discernment.

Follow Jesus, not man.

Jennifer Conerly

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