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“It looked like Black Friday shopping, except with food” Famine and Homelessness in America – Katie Troutman

“It looked like Black Friday shopping, except with food” Famine and Homelessness in America

March 16, 2020 8:23 PM
Katie Troutman

In August 2016, I received three very intense dreams, more intense than any of my previous dreams and much different than usual, more like a vision in which I was actually there in the middle of it all. Each dream lasted all night long. The increased intensity was extremely scary to me.

These dreams started the moment I went to sleep. When I woke up to go to the restroom and fell back asleep, I went right back into the dream and entered the same scenario again, ALL night long until morning. They weren’t multi-faceted, not going in different directions as dreams usually do, but all the same theme, unchanging.

Each dream warned of a coming famine, great despair, and homelessness for thousands of American citizens.

In one dream, I knew something had happened, but I didn’t know what. I knew we had one last trip to the grocery store. Everyone there was panic stricken, but there was so much food because the store had it pulled out from the back in anticipation of the hordes of people coming. It looked like Black Friday shopping, except with food. Everyone was out for themselves trying to store as much as they could get knowing we might not get another chance.

I had two carts and my husband had one cart. We were trying to stock up on lots of meat. I asked my husband to watch the carts while I ran to get something else. While I was gone, he got distracted looking at something else and someone stole my two carts. I remember thinking then and throughout the whole dream, “Gosh the stealing and violence started earlier than I thought it would.”

When we went back to fill our carts again, most of the food items were already gone. Even though the store started with extra stock, it disappeared very fast.

This dream went on all night. I woke up went to the bathroom and went back to sleep then I was back in the grocery store stocking up and people were doing the same we all knew famine was here. That was the theme of the dream and it never changed. God was driving the point to me that this was it. The message I got from it was, “Make your final preparations and cover your bases. Famine is close.”

My next dream was similar in that something had happened, but again I did not know what it was, but thousands of people were roaming the streets. These were good people, men in office attire with their shirts hanging out. They were just worn out looking, shaking and disoriented. They looked tired and so hopeless. They walked the streets, thousands upon thousands of them. There were no words to describe the despair. It was unimaginable.

There were gas stations open. I was riding in a truck and was just observing everything and everyone. No one was giving food out. Everyone was fending for themselves. This mass of people were all homeless and it was like I was just there in the middle of it all, watching them all night long. As I watched them wandering, I saw their depression and sadness. Our world was a much different place.

I wish I could convey the intensity and how I observed different people. It was just so much more intense than a regular dream.

I felt like God was letting me know that it was near by the way He allowed me to dream all night. It was like it was here right now… and left me with a sense of urgency to get the last preparations done.

I believe what the Lord was showing me was these things are VERY close. PLEASE, PLEASE PREPARE your homes, your families, your friends as much as you are able. Think about security, draw close to Him while it’s normal. Fast and seek God. Fill yourself with Him, even if you hear nothing. Fill yourself with HIM/His Word. Prepare Physically and Spiritually. Prepare your young children to understand the times and change that WILL come prepare them now to accept and to understand what and why the Lord would allow this. I feel this very strongly as I write this. Help the children understand that calamity and suffering brings repentance in hard hearted people and that God is so loving, He allows His own children to suffer for the good of all mankind.

Stay focused on Heaven and your eternal home when these things happen. Let it bring you joy and know your redemption draweth nigh.

He is with us. No matter what we go through He is there. Even when we feel like our backs are against the wall and there’s no option. He IS there. Our God does not abandon us. We might have times where we feel like He has forsaken us, but in those times that’s where we choose to believe anyway. That is when we press in and have faith in the HOLY ONE.

Brothers and sisters, God loves us and we will make it through to the other side if we hold onto our belief and all that it entails. Hold onto Jesus in these trials and don’t loose your faith. Those who endure until the end will inherit the KINGDOM of God.

What I saw was extreme famine and one last chance to go to the grocery store. I saw people that were shaking and displaced with no home to go to. We will never be prepared for what I was shown. Only through God will we make it.

Even in our despair, just as Christ was being beaten and crucified in his agony and despair, we must give them Jesus! We must lead them to Him. Fill them with His Spirit and great will be our reward. Encourage and we will be encouraged. Impart Him to everyone that will hear and receive.

We are a mighty army and the devil fears the remnant of the Living GOD. We will do the works that Jesus did and greater because He said so. God bless you all.

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  1. Lynette I Devries

    Here in Australia our supermarkets are like that. People are filling trolleys to the brim heaping it with all kinds of food and toilet rolls. It’s almost like a mad frenzy. By 11 in the morning the shelves are empty. It’s greed taken over plus fear, the old usually have to go without. Our schools are all shutting down, restaurants but we get on our knees and pray harder than ever before. I believe the Mark of the Beast could come in the near future. God bless you.

  2. Eyes Open

    Thank you sister for sharing. Truth.

  3. trisha

    reminds me of a dream i had a long while back last year sometime… was in a new small house, there was a mall close by, across the highway. It was nightime and my son and i, and his girlfriend and simon were in this small house of 2 bedroom, livingroom nd a small kitchen and we were eating some bread and a few other foods. I remember that food was scarce and we only had a little bit. There was a coal oil lamp giving light on the kitchen table. We didn’t use any electricity… Don’t know if electricity worked or not…but didn’t use electricity because we didn’t want to be noticed by the rioting peoples outside who were starving. and stealing. I remember that everything was chaotic and was not safe to venture outside one’s home.

  4. Amen! Thank you for faithfully sharing what LORD has shown you. Here’s some of what He’s shown me:

    HEADS-UP! Back on 8/3/14, God gave me a dream pointing to:

    A) Isaiah 47:9, loss of children & widowhood occur in one day (cp Jer31:15-16; 49:11; Isaiah 49:25); and

    B) Revelation 8:7, fire burns Babylon/USA; our powergrid and military will be cut off in one day (Jer50:30; cp Isaiah 7:23-24; Nah3:13) = setup for Rev8:8’s nuke, which will kill 1/3 of the sea (including fish, plants, naval bases, ships, people, etc).

    Then LORD woke me from the dream, flashed a large Jeremiah 51:27(?) BANNER which read “October 15”; affirming Amos 3:7, God reveals His secrets to His prophets. Vision faded before I could retain the year, affirming 1Corinthians 13:9, “we know and prophesy in part.”

    2020 HINDSIGHT: God says we are to consider the FORMER things (Isaiah 41:22), as they were examples of things to come (1Cor10:11). Considering Joseph’s days when 7 years of plenty were followed by 7 years of famine (see Genesis ch41), I therefore CAUTIOUSLY lean toward 2020 as being year of the “October 15” banner vision God gave me back in Aug2014 (2013 + 7 years = 2020). (Why 2013? See below.)

    YEAR 2013: Yep! The Mayan’s were spot on! The New Age began Jan2013 w/the loosening of the 1st Seal in heaven occurred whilst antichrist-on deck Obama exalted himself as God during the 2013 Presidential Inauguration (1/21/13); his Rev6:2 “white horse” was the White House (see my video #2). And yes, I’m sure Obama’s behind COVID-19 (Rev6:2’s “bow” = Bio-Organic Weapon), which, I’m sure, paves the way for Revelation 13’s mark of the beast (vaccine &/or RFID/microchip implanted on right hand or forehead so as to buy or sell; Rev13:14-16).

    Coming soon: “With the force of a flood they [Trump? Pence? World leaders?] will be swept away from before him [Obama] and be broken, and also the prince of the covenant” (Daniel 11:22). Obama will sustain a fatal headwound during flood of calamities yet “he shall come up and be strong” (Daniel 11:23) = resurrects / indwelled by Satan to rule the New World Order.

    ⏳TIMEFRAME: “Then it will come to pass, when seventy years are COMPLETED, that I will punish the king of Babylon [Trump] and that nation [US], . . for their iniquity, says the LORD; ‘and I will make it a perpetual desolation'” (Jer25:12; cp Jer29:10; Zech1:12; Dan9:2). Israel’s modern-day statehood became effective May 15, 1948 + 70 completed years = midnight 5/15/19. The Knesset declared Jerusalem as Israel’s capital January 23, 1950 + 70 years = January 23, 2020. Hence, opening of 7th Seal is imminent!

    See my video #113) “Super Bowl 2020’s Halftime Filth Fulfilled Zechariah 5’s Basket-of-Wickedness Prophecy”: https://youtu.be/jzcn4fUdr3E.

    See my video #108) 1-Page Tribulation Chart: https://youtu.be/29lZkR_Whts.

  5. Sara L

    Amen Sister Katie, Thank you for sharing your dream, many people will suffer under these judgements ahead. The Lord gave me a dream in a grocery store that also represented this time we are in. All glory, honor and praise to our merciful Father in Heaven!!


  6. Nancy Trimble

    Your dream may be implying to now. Listen to Paul Begley interview yesterday with Agent X about government fixing to deploy the National Guard to food suppliers. Basically Mardpshall Law crackdown coming within 72 hours, first to major cities. We may have some time out here in rural America.

  7. Ashley Nicole

    Ruth do you think Isaiah 47.9 is talking about the dreams and visions given of God taking the children to heaven?

  8. Ashley Nicole

    Ruth do you think Isaiah 47.9 is talking about the dreams and visions given of God taking the children to heaven?

  9. Ashley Nicole,

    Good question! Let’s review Scripture:

    Isaiah 47:9 “But these two things shall come to you in a moment, in one day [an October 15th date; I don’t know the year, possibly this year], the loss of children, and widowhood. They shall come upon you in their FULLNESS [year 2020 alludes to fullness, 20/20 = full / whole] because of the multitude of your sorceries, for the great abundance of your enchantments.”

    Isaiah 49:25, “But thus says the LORD: ‘Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible be delivered; for I will contend with him who contends with you, and I will SAVE YOUR CHILDREN.”

    Jeremiah 31:15-17, “Thus says the LORD: ‘A voice was heard in Ramah, lamentation and bitter weeping, Rachel weeping for her children, refusing to be comforted for her children, because they are no more.’ Thus says the LORD: ‘Refrain your voice from weeping, and your eyes from tears; for your work shall be rewarded, says the LORD, and they shall come back from the land of the enemy. There is hope in your future, says the LORD, that your children shall come back to their own border.”

    Jeremiah 49:11, God says: “Leave your fatherless children, I will preserve them alive; and let your widows trust in Me” (cp Isaiah 47:9; and also possibly related, Zephaniah 3:20; Jeremiah 24:5-6; Matthew 24:31).

    Hence, being that God says He’ll “preserve them alive” (Jer49:11), I’m guessing they may be abducted by aliens/fallen angels (or Obama’s minions) yet will be ordered to not harm them, of course.

    However, if on that day [an October 15th date] many kids all of a sudden drop dead (perhaps by 5G and COVID19), then it’s safe to assume LORD called them home to rest in their heavenly beds so as to keep them from having to go through the trib, e.g., “The righteous perishes, and no man takes it to heart; merciful men are taken away, while no one considers that the righteous is taken away from evil. He shall enter into peace; they shall rest in their beds [located in 3rd heaven’s Paradise], each one [*waking] in his uprightness” (Isaiah 57:1-2). *Note: NKJV says “walking” in his uprightness, yet to me, that doesn’t make sense – better sense: each one “waking” in his uprightness when The Morning Star – Jesus – rises in their hearts – they awake to righteousness when “the day dawns and the morning star rises” (2Peter 1:19).

    I hope this helps!

  10. Marc

    Pretrib escape is a lie…as we see.
    Thanks for this message to prepare spiritual strength and courage to resist, even if unarmed thru praying and when possible…having a good weapon doesn’t hurt…like David had to use…all types of weapons during his lifetime.
    I believe if you who have not prepared anything at all, no food reserve…
    You must now think outside the box, go to prepare in physical actions still available at stores, like smoked summer sausage, oat meal, Mexican food stores have huge can’s of Homony a Mexican corn product 6 lbs 14 oz size can, only $3…
    Huge can’s cheese sauce.
    Huge soups.
    It’s for their large family meals.
    If you find dry foodstuffs like rice, beans, great day…if not look thru out the store alternative bulk…like lard a strong fat, lots of nutrition when added to food items.
    Bag’s of beef jerky.. large size.
    Pancake mix is still there on shelves.
    People are going to the “rice beans and flour”, but not unconventional items.
    Amen Christ Jesus.

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